Best Privet University for EEE in Bangladesh

top private university in Bangladesh

Before going on this topic, we must have to say our earlier topic Ranking of top private university in Bangladesh was regarding overall. Now, we are decided to publish the best privet university list according to department/subject basis. You know, all subject are not equally best for every university. Some are good for EEE, some are CSE and some are others. In that series, we’ll publish department/subject basis best privet university list. We’ll continue writing this kind of topic with ranking if you encourage us.


So, the top privet University for EEE list is below. . .


Remember: there have no government or any official ranking. This ranking is based on students choice and versity’s facilities for students. So, anyone can disagree with this ranking.

363 thoughts on “Best Privet University for EEE in Bangladesh

  1. Vaiya assalamualaikum… ami jante cassilm,, kon university te EEE porle valo cgpa maintain kora shomvov?? shunla Aust,EWU,IUb ee te cgpa maintain kora onk hard..

    1. You can try B-Category then because almost all the first category universities maintain the same CGPA system.

      Southeast University is doing good in EEE. They also have IEB accreditation.

  2. Vaiya ami Refrigeration&Air-Condition ar uper Diploma korsi. Ami akon Northern University te EEE te Bsc korte chay .Idea ta kmn hobe bolben Please?

    1. EEE is not a bad choice but I’d prefer Mechanical at IUBAT. However, If you can tell me your budget, I can suggest you a good university for you. Also, you want to study in evening or day shift?

  3. eee er jonno kon versity te porbo? day shift
    viya amar budget 4.5- 5 lakh
    eto kom budget e jeita best hobe… asha korci reply pabo… thanks

  4. vai, eastern university eibar notun vabe ieb membership paiche… so, EEE er jonno oi university ta kemon hobe???

  5. Hello bro, recently I completed Diploma in Electrical. Now I admit on Bsc in EEE on Evening shift. My S.S.C result is 5.00 and diploma is 3.44 . I want to admit UITS on Evening shift. Now Please tell me UITS is better for me? or others ? My budjet almost 4 lakhs. And also tell me UITS is “A” level university? or others. Please tell me urgent. Have a nice day.

    1. UITS isn’t A level university and none of the A level university offers evening shift by the way. UITS not bad but I would suggest Daffodil.

  6. Just complet Diploma engineering in EEE … Results 3.15 … which university will be good for me … under 4 lak …

  7. vai, eastern university eibar ieb membership paiche… so, EEE er jonno oi university ta kemon hobe???

  8. vai ami electrical a diploma koreci. result valona. 3 point er kom. EEE te bsc korar jnno kon university choice korbo vai. please vai koyekta varsity suggeste koren.

  9. bhai, can i credit transfer from world university to daffodil university? now I’m continue bsc EEE at world university in evening course.
    i want to credit transfer daffodil university in same course. can i???

    1. No you can’t. Neither World University accept transferring credits from them, nor Daffodil accept for evening course.

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