Best Privet University for EEE in Bangladesh

top private university in Bangladesh

Before going on this topic, we must have to say our earlier topic Ranking of top private university in Bangladesh was regarding overall. Now, we are decided to publish the best privet university list according to department/subject basis. You know, all subject are not equally best for every university. Some are good for EEE, some are CSE and some are others. In that series, we’ll publish department/subject basis best privet university list. We’ll continue writing this kind of topic with ranking if you encourage us.


So, the top privet University for EEE list is below. . .


Remember: there have no government or any official ranking. This ranking is based on students choice and versity’s facilities for students. So, anyone can disagree with this ranking.

363 thoughts on “Best Privet University for EEE in Bangladesh

  1. via AI university gulote pass mark to onek base ’60’ te pasa and at least 70 paite hobe 60 paile retake…and 90+ a ‘A’ grate .CGPA khub hard ….UIU and IUBAT te amar gramer onek boro vai pore…ora bole .. .1.AI information ki really true? EEE te porar icca ace .. .but khub voi lagce ….jodi retake khai. s.s.c & h.s.c te 5+5 ace. … korbo vai….

    1. Hmm, that information is true. Maximum A-level versity doesn’t follow UGC grading system. They are maintaining grading system with foreign universities. And yes, it’s kinda hard to carry better CGPA from those versity but I can say, It’s not impossible. Many students are getting 4 out of 4 from those versity. So, why you don’t think yourself like them?

      1. Ami job korbo r Bsc korbo EEE te 4 lak ar modde Evening shift ar jonno kon versity better hobe. R ami ki pore IEB ar Member hote parbo ????

      1. Nothing except for Civil Engineers. Civil Engineers need to show their IEB card before got his design approved. That’s It!

  2. via.very good ranking but….ai university gulor cost to onek base…r ar chaye kom cost ar modd kon university valo hobe around 4 lakh….

    1. The you have to consider Level-A versity. Hmm, It’s very hard to find any around this budget. You can think about UITS. They will cost you 3,75,500=/

  3. help please ami IUBAT te EEE pori…..akhane valo result kora khub tough..amar result 2.5 ar kom…ami akhon provision a aci…jodi 3 bar provision thake tahole amak suspend kore dibe….ami onno varsity te credit transfer korte chai……kon varsity better hobe?? ami Daffodil ar koth vabci ata kamon hobe??

      1. Sir, ami Electrical a DPI theke Diploma in Engineering Shas korechi, akhon EEE te BSc korte chai, kon private University valo hobe? Amr CGPA 3.5
        & Budget around 5 lacs.plz suggest me.Thanks.

          1. vai,,,plzzz help me
            ami Diploma kore day shift aa valo kono ekta private university te eee te porte cacchi…..
            kon university valo hobe

    1. vai iubat theke ki cradit transfer kora jai…gele aktu bolen plz..ami same catagorir university te jete chai..ami eee te pori

  4. upore #iqbal vai comment korece j IUBAT te result kora khub hard ….kinto amar onek boro vai ace jara IUBAT te onek valo result kore ….onek valo position a ace … even amar ak vai got 4.0 out of 4.0 ….and he Got Highest mark GRE in Bangladesh. he stay USA for PHD…ami joto dur jani all A level university same process … admin ami CSE porte chai ….kon university gulo valo hobe?? r akta kotha upni jodi best EEE ar moto kore sob subject wise ranking korten tobe amra sobai upokarito hotam


    1. vai ame diploma eng… electrical diparment theke
      pass korci….
      ame ame iubat university te khuj nici…. okhane to onak cost… ame ato cost a porte parno na…
      A lavel ar modde kom cost a kon varsiti valo hobe..
      diu- university te o dakcilam.. okhane ame ssc english a kom gpa payor karone botto hpte pari nai…
      amr diploma cgpa 2.76

  5. CSE er jonno ekta ranking den…pls……….ami uiu te vorti hote chassi..pls jana eta kototuku valo hobe???

    1. Although, UIU is best for EEE, but not too bad for CSE. You can admit.
      We’ll try to publish a ranking based on CSE. Thanks for your suggestion, We appreciate.

      1. Ewu er CSE ki AIUB er CSE theke beshi kharap hobe? ami 100% waiver paisi EWU te,so,ami ki tao AIUB te jabo? ai 2 tay ki nok difference?

  6. IUBAT a EEE department r IEB accrediation nei. tobu ata kivabe valo hote pare?? IEB accrediation na thaka sotteo IUBAT a EEE porle valo hobe?? plz inform korben

    1. What do you actually know about IEB membership? What is really it is?
      FYI, BUET is also not taking IEB membership. So, what about them?

      1. IEB r membership jokhon kisui na tobe ai IEB r membership nia ato alochona keno?? apnie bujie din IEB r mebership ki bujay.

        1. IEB is just a National Professional Organisation of Engineers. Nothing more!

          And why people are too much curious for that? Yes, only cause is, People don’t know what it actually is.

    1. That a rumour and hoax fact!
      BUET isn’t IEB member, so according to your rumour, Engineers from BUET are not qualified to write Eng. before their name? ha ha, that’s funny

  7. IEB is needed civil department.. Other department is not very needed.even SUST , EEE , CSE department is not IEB Approved.. IUBAT has a quality of Education. also a leading university . IUBAT , EEE Department total 153 credit , per credit 3400 /- and registration fee + lab fee + other total cost 6,30,000 /- important notice about IEB , Recently IUBAT will get IEB 90% work has done.
    hossain ,IUBAT ,EEE, 2013

  8. vaiya iubat er civil kmn hbe.iubat er civil ki ieb er anumodito ….pls janaben.r iubat kon sub sob cheye vlo .cse, civil, mechanical..ei tintar moddhe

  9. Dear Bro… I wanna know within a tight budget say within 5 lakhs which private Uni is good for BBA study.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who is facing this problem, so pls help us regarding this issue!

  10. ami dhky na thakar jonno ak boro vaike form submit korte boli and uni AIUB e amar form submit kore.jodio ami take EEE er form submit korte boli uni architecture e kore fele.xmer ager din ami admit niye dekhi ei durabostha.tarpor o amar kichui korar chilona tai xm dei ei 21 tarikh and I got chance. Now my questions are____
    1.AIUB er architecture ke rank e koto rakhben?
    2.AIUB e subject change korar ki kono way ache? I mean can I migrate my subject from archi to EEE?

    1. Don’t have enough idea about their Architecture department.
      Umm, all Universities offer department changes in a certain time. Also AIUB should do that.

  11. Vai khub tension a asi vai. Vai dafodil a CSE pora valo hobe na UAP te EEE pora valo hobe vai. Job market er jonno konta valo hobe vai?

    1. Both subject have demand in their different sectors. Subject choice isn’t depending on Job market, It depends on your choice. And yes, better job never depends on varsity, it depends on your quality.
      So, choice a subject which you like most. And then take the decision.

  12. Vaia, Khulnar North Western ta EEE er jnno kemon? aktu kindly bolben?? amr to first a IUBAT er Mechanical a thik hoisilo kintu pore ar dhakay hoye uthe ni.

  13. UAP te EEE niye porar iccha ache bt um curious to know about southeast university for EEE also. ar ei 2 tar kuntite direct admit howa jay pls jana thakle janaben. amar combined gpa is 9

    1. UAP is far better than Southeast for EEE. And you must have to take part in admission test at UAP but you are eligible to get admitted directly at southeast university with that GPA.

    1. UIU is top tanked university and best for EEE. But the fact is, education system is too hard and strict. 92+ marks needed for grade A. So, It’s too hard to carry better CGPA from UIU

  14. Vaia state university A level er naki B level er versity….. r akhan theke cse korle ki valo hobe.? kono kaje dibe kina? aktu janaben please…..

      1. vaia architecture er jonno ahsaanullah,brac n north south baade kon unv ta better hobe??..vaia shanta marium ki architecture er jonno valo??amr budget khub besi na

        1. Nope. Shanta Marium isn’t too good for Architecture. Try at Asia Pacific or Southeast if your budget isn’t high.

  15. ami EEE porte chai independent university (iub) theke.ata theke EEE porle kmn hbe.r (iub) er EEE subject ta ki IEB aproved.pls right info

    1. Daffodil is actually good for CSE. But EEE isn’t too bad. You can try.

      But I’d suggest UIU for EEE if you really wanna do something best.

  16. east west a eee valo hobe naki cse… pls details bolben vaia…ami east west a apply korte cai…kontate korbo?

  17. vaia ami job korchi so ei karone ami temon ekta class korte parbo na 🙁 kintu ami diploma korechi so ekhon korte cacchi ektu plz bolben medium versity konta valo hobe …onek hesitation a achi vaia plz help 🙁

  18. Hello, brother I have done my BEng in electronic and communication eng from London Metropolitan University.Now bcz of several issue I have to come back and want to do my Msc in Eee from Bangladesh.can you please help me to let me know which private Uni will be best for me.
    Many Thanks

  19. vaia Daffodil university er Software Engineering sub ta kamon.. Akhan theke SWE korle kamon hobe.. please aktu janaben….

    1. Not too bad I guess. Daffodil is mainly focused on CSE/SE related subjects. In that case, it should be good enough.

  20. vaia around 5 or 6lack tk er moddhe EEE korA
    jabe kon univ te& konta valo hobe? ..
    please aktu janaben……

  21. vaiya ami aiub te EEE niye porsi amar rslt vaiya 3.44

    ami ekhon UIU te credit transfer korte chassi.ei dscn ta ki thik naki vhul hobe?????

    UIU er eee and aiub er eee er moddhe ki onek dfrnc ase?

    job er khetre ki vrsty kono fact?

    1. Transferring credit from AIUB to UIU isn’t a good decision. You know, It’s more and more harder to carry a better CGPA at UIU.
      And AIUB isn’t bad for EEE then UIU.
      AIUB and UIU both are level-A versity, so, It’s doesn’t matter.
      But I think you should continue at AIUB rather than transferring to UIU. Choice yours

  22. Hello! bro! I just finished diploma engineering. now I’m looking for such kind of a varsity that i can continue my job with study. I’ll be benefited if you consult me that which varsity is better for EEE.

  23. baia, ami EWU te 22 tarik admission test dicce. but koto mark e exam hoi ami jani na. and koto mark hole admission haoa jai. ami diploma complete kareci. akon EEE te admission test dibo. Deffodil e CSE ki admission test lagbe? jodi admission test already over hoye jai tahole CSE te State university kmn hobe?

  24. amr Diploma te subject cilo RAC ( Refrigeration and Airconditioning) tahole ami ki deffodil e Regular shift e CSE te admission nite parbo?

  25. bhai, NSU te EEE te Admission nilam. 29 tarikh theke Class starts. ami ki bhul decision nilam? NSU te ki EEE kharap hobe amr jonno? bhalo hobe na amr jonno?

  26. Vi, ami Electrical thk Diploma koraci akon BSC korta cai EEE or Electrical and communation thk, kon subject te valo hoba r Kon kon University golo batter hoba.

  27. vaia ami Electronics theke diploma korci..akhon ami EEE te Bsc korte chassi…amar budget 5-6 lakh & shift evening…so kon versity theke porle amar jonno better hbe…?

  28. Please tell me about ADUST level for EEE and those how taking EEE graduation from ADUST they will be eligible for IEB member? May I recommend someone to go ADUST for EEE?

  29. vaia ami eee korthe cai
    university: Uiu, aiub,iub
    konta vlo hob jeta vlo hobe oitar total cost bolben plz……
    r kono admison xm dithe hoi naki…..

    1. UIU and AIUB would be good among your list. And yes, all of them are take admission exam in a hard way. So, It’s not easy to get admitted there.

      Note: Getting a good CGPA at UIU is too much hard. AIUB is kinda easier than that.

      1. bro ami eletricale diploma koreci akhn EEE ta bsc korte chai IUBAT kamon hobe…ata ki A leveler university? vaia actually job o korte chai….ank bro vai iubat ta porca & job korca…plz ans me…

  30. Vai ami EEE te admit hobo.but versity nie confusion e asi. 4 lak er moddhe EEE er jonno kon versity better hbe pls janaben…,, r cradit kom besir jonno ki kono prblm hobe?

    1. All university decorate their credits is about to 12 trimester. So, It would not be a problem. And I replied your answer on another comment I guess. Please follow that.

    1. IUBAT is good enough except its grading system. Yes, It’s hard to get a better CGPA there rather than others.

      Here’s the grading system of IUBAT:
      Mark – Grade
      60 – D
      70 – C
      80 – B
      90 – A
      0-59 – F

  31. Vai EEE er jonno stamford univercity kmn hobe?Ar medieam coast er vitore konta sobcheye basi valo hobe?Plz bolen vaiya.

  32. Vai,
    UIU er EEE department er lab facility kamon ? sufficient instruments ki ace? EEE er jonno konta valo AIUB or UIU? which one would you suggest?

    1. AIUB have a good lab facilities with instruments rather than UIU. But teachers of UIU is good than AIUB for EEE department.

      You know what I mean actually.

  33. vaia uap er mba cost 280000,
    so etateo hocche na, so ekhon southeast and daffidil ai duitar moddhe kontate admit hoa jai?
    r egulate mba kmn e ba hobe!
    plz ektu jodi bolen.

  34. vaiya, daffodil ki A level university??? world ranking e to dekhlam private university er modde brac and independent er por daffodil 3rd no e ase, then nsu. Do u know anything else???

  35. Vaia,
    Aiub te EEE te ami borti hobo vabtase.
    4—11 jan.
    Aiub ar ke kono problem ase?
    Teacher/ lab/ lab teacher/ grading/ mark tola/ valo CGPA tola????????
    Plz help me.

  36. Vaiya UAP te EEE ki UIU thake kharp hobe.??
    & UAP ar grade system kmon??? & AUST a ki Diploma thake admission exam deowa jabe..??plz bolben

    1. If you can take much pressure, then UIU would be good. Else UAP. Don’t worry, UAP is good enough for EEE.

      AUST doesn’t take any admission test. If you have enough qualification, you can fill a form and wait to get result whether you got chance or not.

  37. Vaiya ami UIU te EEE pori but amar Admission got canceled karon ami 3 bar probation khaisi. Akhon ami ki korbo?
    UAP te new admission nibo na credit transfer korbo? probation thakle ki credit transfer kora jai? jodi jai tahole which university?

  38. Vai Ami diploma ses korsi.akon EEE te Bsc korte chai.4 lak takar modde evening sift a Bsc er jonno kun Versity better hobe.Daffodil er kota vabchi….kintu onno kuno aro valo versity ase ki?plz janan….

    1. EEE at UIU is one of the best but the problem is, their grading system. 60%+ for pass mark and 90%+ for A, which is hard

  39. Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering
    pote cjai ami diploma in electronic engineering poresi
    amar jono kon univarcity valo hobe

    1. Not bad but AMIE is so tough cause they don’t take any class or any lecture sheets. You have to prepare yourself for exams.

  40. Ami job korbo r Bsc korbo EEE te 4 lak ar modde Evening shift ar jonno kon versity better hobe. R ami ki pore IEB ar Member hote parbo ????

  41. Uiu te vorti hote chai EEE te…but onekei boltice j uiu naki 2nd catatagorir versity….okhan theke naki job facilities kom…is it true?

  42. vai ami southeast university EEE te 4th semester pori,total cost 5,62000tk then seu EEE te valo na,,amr question graduation completer por ki ki problem face korte hobe plz ans?????????

    1. Not really. EEE department of Southeast University is doing well day by day. You’ve got new chairman recently, he is initiative and energetic, so, don’t worry, just study well and get a better CGPA.

  43. diploma holder bsc korle ki ieb er membership pabe.ami diploma sesh korlam.eee te vorty hobo.valo cgpa nite hole kon university te vorty hobo?

    1. IEB Membership depends on the university, not your Diploma degree. Before getting admitted anywhere, check first whether they are IEB membership or not.

  44. Vaiya ami electrical thk diploma complete korce akn bsc korbo and amr bugect o kom and amk job o kora lagbay so amr jonno best univercity konta hobay

  45. khub confused ! aiub te EEE portam , probation er karone ber hoye gesi bt …. valo kono varsity te chance paitesi na ! daffodil eh direct niye nibe bt valo hobe kina bujhtesi na ! please help .

    1. Daffodil isn’t bad for EEE. As you got out from AIUB, then don’t try at fist class university again.

  46. bhia doutheast er eee kemon hobe ??
    seu theje valo cgpa nea pass korle ki middle east e valo job paoa jabe??/

  47. Bhiya Asalamualaikum.Prime asia kon level er versity?ekhan theke EEE e porle kemon hobe?amar year gap ache

    1. Prime Asia is a very poor level university and they aren’t good in any side. Although, they have forced by govt. several times to shout down their campuses.

  48. bhaiya thanks for your information about Primeasia University.Bhaiya ami EEE ete porte chai but kothay porbo?amar year gap ache.

      1. VAIYA AMER S.S.C science thaky 4.19 & diploma Electronics thaky 3.70 .EEE ty korboo .kon university vlo hoby ?taka 5 lak

  49. Brother ami diploma complete korlam mechanical thek a akhon ami b. Sc korte chai khub valo ekta private university …jeno ieb membership pay oi university…5 ba 6 lach tk moddhe b. Sc korbo. Please bolen mechanical er jonno kon university thek a b. Sc korle valo hobe?? A category er versity

  50. vaia amar ssc te 4.50..hsc te 3.50….but problem holo 4 subject mathemetics e hsc te fail ase….ami kono university te chance pabo cse or swe te????…and konta valo hobe 5 lakh er moddhe..or 5 lak… regular or evening ekta holei holo…please kindly bolen

  51. I am a diploma engineer from Electrical. I want take my Bsc in EEE beside my job. Which university should go for Evening course?

  52. Which is better for Eee?. UIU or EWU?. CGPA tola kon tay basi hard. ? UIU r theke ke UAP valo?
    R UIU dia jodi kau EWU e jete cay setakmn hbe?

      1. ami UIU ba ewU dia 3.5 pelam . r onno jon Uap theke 4 pelo. 2 tar vetor different ke ? job er baper e kmn effect hobe ? bedesh jaoar baper e kmn effect hobe ?

  53. Eee er jonno konta valo hoba … !???
    My ssc result: 5.00(without 4 subject) + hsc result:(4.17).
    I can’t take any decision. ..
    Plz. Help me. ….

  54. Ar. Akta kota … Ieb appeared and non-apeared varcity baper ta. Nea. Confused … !!??
    Konta. Valo. Hoba. .. !???
    Plz. Help me.

  55. Boro Vai, ami ekjon diploma engineer. R ekhn bsc krte chai. So, daffodil r uap er moddhe eee subject niye porle kunta best hbe..

  56. UIU or UAP, which is better for EEE?
    UIU grading system is hard.
    what is difference between UIU cgpa and UAP cgpa?
    plz reply.

  57. ami electrical a diploma korsi.ami eee te bsc korte chai..amr budget 4lac ..ami evening a class korbo…ami ki daffodil a vorty hoite parbo???job er pasa pasi korte chy

  58. I have completed my diploma degree from CPI in electronics technology. I would like to do bachelor degree in EEE. I prefer evening shift. My budget is around 4.5 lac. My CGPA is 3.54. Now, could you please tell me which private university is better for me??

    1. And my another question is If I get admitted evening shift which university provide me IEB membership and easy to get good CGPA besides job??

      1. Carrying CGPA is totally up to you. If you got admitted at Daffodil, You won’t be able to pass without study. So, You must have to get a better CGPA.

        1. What about the Green University of Bangladesh?? Does it suitable for EEE who passed from polytechnic institute? I chose this university because they will give me a scholarship based on my diploma’s CGPA. And their class will take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for Diploma Holder. Do you think it better?? Please give me a suggestion considering my information.

    2. Try at Daffodil International University. That would be good for you. They have their own campus and good educational quality.

  59. bhai, can i credit transfer from world university to daffodil university? now I’m continue bsc EEE at world university in evening course.
    i want to credit transfer daffodil university in same course. can i???

    1. No you can’t. Neither World University accept transferring credits from them, nor Daffodil accept for evening course.

  60. vai ami electrical a diploma koreci. result valona. 3 point er kom. EEE te bsc korar jnno kon university choice korbo vai. please vai koyekta varsity suggeste koren.

  61. vai, eastern university eibar ieb membership paiche… so, EEE er jonno oi university ta kemon hobe???

  62. Just complet Diploma engineering in EEE … Results 3.15 … which university will be good for me … under 4 lak …

  63. Hello bro, recently I completed Diploma in Electrical. Now I admit on Bsc in EEE on Evening shift. My S.S.C result is 5.00 and diploma is 3.44 . I want to admit UITS on Evening shift. Now Please tell me UITS is better for me? or others ? My budjet almost 4 lakhs. And also tell me UITS is “A” level university? or others. Please tell me urgent. Have a nice day.

    1. UITS isn’t A level university and none of the A level university offers evening shift by the way. UITS not bad but I would suggest Daffodil.

  64. vai, eastern university eibar notun vabe ieb membership paiche… so, EEE er jonno oi university ta kemon hobe???

  65. eee er jonno kon versity te porbo? day shift
    viya amar budget 4.5- 5 lakh
    eto kom budget e jeita best hobe… asha korci reply pabo… thanks

  66. Vaiya ami Refrigeration&Air-Condition ar uper Diploma korsi. Ami akon Northern University te EEE te Bsc korte chay .Idea ta kmn hobe bolben Please?

    1. EEE is not a bad choice but I’d prefer Mechanical at IUBAT. However, If you can tell me your budget, I can suggest you a good university for you. Also, you want to study in evening or day shift?

  67. Vaiya assalamualaikum… ami jante cassilm,, kon university te EEE porle valo cgpa maintain kora shomvov?? shunla Aust,EWU,IUb ee te cgpa maintain kora onk hard..

    1. You can try B-Category then because almost all the first category universities maintain the same CGPA system.

      Southeast University is doing good in EEE. They also have IEB accreditation.

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