Ranking of top private university in Bangladesh

top private university in Bangladesh

Here is a list of  Top Ranking private university in Bangladesh. There is no ranking number, actually they are all Level-A university.



[The ranking system is depends on students choice, there have no official ranking]

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    1. Hello @Tapash,

      I’m sorry but I have a very limited idea of Textile Engineering Universities. Please take advice from any of your senior who has passed from BUTex or any university major in textile.

      Thanks and have a good day.

  1. I’ve completed my bsc in cse from Brac with a cgpa of 3.4.Then I got admitted in EWU in MSc but here my cgpa fall to 2.4. I think its for the grading system they follow and I couldn’t cope up with the system. So, I want to shift university. My question is, which university is going to be best for MSc among NSU,IUB,UIU,AIUB considering cost and cgpa?

    1. Hello @Anika,

      Greetings from ResultBanlg team 🙂

      EWU, NSU, UIU follows the same grading system. Hence, it would not be a wise idea move there. You can consider AIUB or Brack itself 🙂

      However, why you are not trying any public university? Getting admitted at Jahangirnagar University on the Masters Program of CSE is kinda easier, so far I know.

      All the Best 🙂

  2. Brother ami cse te porar jonno iub te admit hote cachilam,is it a good choice?and bhai iub ar tuition fee total koto hobe kindly bolben please.

  3. vaiyA ami diploma completr korsi civil engineering a now bsc in civil eng er jonno kon university valo hbe [daffodil or iubat ]plz janaben

  4. I would like to know about America Bangladesh University main campus. Do you know where is it? please tell me is it ggc approved or no.

  5. UIU te admission nibo. Onek kico sunlam UIU ar somporke. First private university jekhane teacher der research grant dise 1 crore taka. Website a giya dekhlam high profile teachers onk. Onk a e cgpa niya kotha bole but sonlam j tara khub clear and onk taka scholarship dey , onk boro vai e refer korlo amake

    1. You heard all right. UIU is far good for EEE, except it’s grading system. Although, many other privet university follow this grading system.

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