Ranking of top private university in Bangladesh

top private university in Bangladesh
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Here is a list of  Top Ranking private university in Bangladesh. There is no ranking number, actually they are all Level-A university.



[The ranking system is depends on students choice, there have no official ranking]

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  1. I like to know the Ranking of Green University of Bangladesh

    1. Author

      You know, this ranking system is depends on students choice. Actually there have no official ranking. And Green University is a new varsity, so it’s impossible to give a exact rank of Green University.

      But, It’s sure that, Green University is not in on top 20 University.


      1. My budget for BA in ENGLISH is under 3 lac. I found ASA and BUBT , which one will be better for that. or suggest me any other university under my condition. Thanks in advance.

        1. Author

          ASA would be better than BUBT. Also you can think about Southeast University. They cost around 3.5 lacks

      2. sir, my cousim 97 ssc pass, family some prob he cant regural complete study.last year he complete Hsc Bm technical college.. he is a upset coz which one subject n university chooses
        pls advice what I can suggest my cousin..he trying continue study.

        1. Author

          Umm, None of all privet university are taking study gap. In that case, you have to contact some B Level university whether they are allow or not.
          And subject? It’s up to him, Choice his.

          1. few universities are there which might allow study gap. its all about money. if u spend money why won’t they allow your cousin to admit in their university. just go and talk to them but they must not be the top ranked universities like nsu or iub or ewu or brac or uiu. other might allow him. subject should not be a engineering related as he had long break in his study. bba or english or law or some other arts related subject might be better for him.

      3. Amr bon 2015 te hsc diyecy..then Medical a admission niyecilo…last 1year onk sick thakar karon a taky study charte hoy…ekhn she cse te admission nite chache..tar ei gap er jnnk ki kno prb hbe bsc te?

        1. Author

          No, it should not be a problem.

      1. Author

        Then You can go for AIUB at Banani. AIUB is the good enough for CSE. But the problem is, Banani isn’t so near from your place. :s

        If you really wants to admit near Dhanmondi, then think about UIU or Daffodil.


        1. pharmacy subject ar jonno kota valo hobe

          1. Author

            Brac and East West would be good.

    2. BUBT versity ta kamon?pls help me…

          1. Author

            Will publish regarding this.

    3. I like to know the Ranking of University of South Asia

      1. Author

        University of South Asia is under level-C universities

    4. Ahsan ulla kon dik diye 2nd oi halarput????Nijera ranking koros nijeder varsity upore tuila rakhos chorer dol

      1. Author

        Don’t show your level by using this type of words! It may fall you university position as well!

        See the last line of the post. It’s clearly showing: [The ranking system is depends on students choice, there have no official ranking]

  2. I know that bubt ranking

  3. I wanna know about ranking of IUBAT&it’s education level.Could u help me?

    1. …IUBAT… is too much hard than other private university ……and grading system is very hard… BUT education quality is very good….

      1. Are you sure IUBAT is good enough for CSE?

        1. Author

          If you want to compare with AIUB, then not.

          1. b graded university kon gula? r tejgaon college e ki cse valo hobe?

  4. Why EWU is in 6th?? We see lots of private and multinational company placed EWu after NSU .Is not it the fair judgement ? then why we will consider Students choice ? Actually EWU best for BBA, Economics, Statistics , Pharmacy It also relatively good for some engineering department…..

    THank you

  5. I like to know the Ranking of World University of Bangladesh

  6. Kon varsity thaka CGPA tola tolonamolok kothin?

    1. Author

      Jara UGC er grading rule follow kore, sei versity te CGPA tola sohoj. But jara UGC er rule follow na kore 55 a pass mark dey and 90+ e “A” grade day tader khetre CGPA tola besh kothin.

    2. ……EWU,BRAC,AIUB,NSU,IUB,IUBAT…………only ai 6 ta university 60%pass and 90+ aaa A grade….and ai gulo taa CGPA tula onk hard

      1. Author

        You maybe forget about UIU to mention.

  7. Business study theke HSC pass kore , Science er kono subject a ke private university ta honours kora jay .

  8. ahsanaullah university theke mba korle ki valo hobe? bcz ít is known for best private engineerin univershty…
    so mba ta ki highlight hobe?
    pls admin , give ur opinion

    1. Author

      Ahsanullah best for Engineering but not for business studies. You better go for NSU or IUB. (This is from my point of view)

    2. i think AUST will be better 4 u if u want 2 learn

    3. Ami ssc te 5 nd hscte 4.5 peyesi.ekhon engeenearing prte chassi.ami ki kno vabei ahsanullahte prte parbo na,tahole 5-6lakhs takar moddhe dhanmondi,bashundhara i mean ajimpurer kasakasi kn versityte prte parbo,plz help me,,

      1. Author

        Your desired subject?

  9. ami Daffodil a Law a asi…..amar CGP a 3.50 er upor….but ami maje maje confused hoa jai j a Varsity theke Law complete korar por kono valo jaygay jete parbo keni….?,,,,pls amar ans ta diben…..

    1. Author

      It’s depends on your quality, not University. Better suggestion for you- Don’t think about your future, try to do best what you are doing now.


    1. Author

      You can try AUST,AIUB,NSU,UIU and EWU.

      1. i want get admission in privet university.can i get addmission in aust.ssc 4.31 and hsc 5.subject cse,te,ict

        1. Author

          You can try but there have no possibility to get chance!

          Another thing, don’t forget to try AIUB if you really wants to study CSE.

  11. ami aibr cmrc theke hsc pass korar por right dicisn nite parci na ki niye porbo…at this stage kisr demand ase nd future a shine kora jabe…nd which privt vrcty is betr 4 BBA…plz admin vaiya help meh…apnr opinion ta janan…ignor kore jaben na…ami onk prblem a asi…plz plz plz vaiya…

    1. Author

      BBA? Well, then try at IUB and NSU.

  12. ami atish dipongkor university of science and technology university theke MBA korte chassi.eta ki valo hobe.na hoile kon versity theke MBA korle valo hobe? janaben please.

    1. Author

      Atish Dipankar isn’t good enough for qualityfull Education. Try another

  13. BBA er jonno south east varsity ta kemon ?? Please answer me.

    1. Author

      SouthEast got UGC approval for BBA. You can admit, thats actually your’s choice.

  14. i want to get admission daffodil university..Is it a good university for law ?

    1. Author

      You can but brac University is one of the best versity for LAW.

      1. ami daffodil a MA(inEnglish) korte chai plz help me. where is better daffodil or other university. plz suggest me.

        1. Author

          Daffodil would not be bad for MA in English. You can admit there.


    1. Author

      You should try top level versity.But there have minimum possibility to get chance at those uni with your educational background. If you do not get chance at above listed versity, try Daffodil then.

  16. I want to admit my self at Southeast uni for MBA, is this good enought, because i can’t admited myself at NSU, EWU, BRAC

    1. Author

      Yes, you can admit. I checked their UGC subjects approval list and found that, they got approval for BBA & MBA.

    2. I am a student from units bba.is it a good university.will I be able to success in bcs exam?

      1. Author

        BSC doesn’t depends on your versity, It’s depends on your qualification.

  17. what about daffodil international university. present situation it must take position into top 8.

    1. Author

      Not really in “Top 10”, but it is also a good one.

      1. I think you make this ranking with previous record. which is very old. try to know the latest update about this. 1-5 is correct without any doubt but 6-8 is totally false. Asian, ulab huh . what kind of varsity those are?

        1. Author

          Dear, do you know about “Asian university for women”?? Please ask some people who are related to versity administrative level or something.

  18. ami deffodil a software engineering porte icchuk. Ata ki amar future ar jonno valo hobe. Please advice me!

    1. Author

      Yea, Daffodil is good enough for CSE or information technology. But yet it is not top ranked versity.

  19. ami BBA kortesi AIUB theka…amar cgpa 3.8 …. akhon kon subject ta nia major korbo confusion ar modde aci……..would u give me any suggestion ?

    1. Author

      Umm, actually I’m Engineering background student. So, I don’t have enough knowledge about BBA. You should take advice from your advisor or senior student of your versity. That would be helpful for you.

      1. at editor vaiah plz janaben… ami csc porte chai.. result double a+… which university i can admit.. dafordill or ewu.. and job er jonno versity or result which iz main fact!!!

        1. Author

          You should try AUST first, then AIUB>EWU>Daffodil.
          Actually, JOB sector mainly depends on your merit and challenging capacity rather than University or result.

  20. ami daffodil university te Law a admission nite cai……Jani Brack law er jonno valo….but ami brac chara law er jonno ki daffodil e naki onno kono law er jonno valo privet university ase jate admission nete parbo ? pls janabe pls……

    1. Author

      If you don’t want to go for Brac, then you can try Daffodil or SouthEast University. Remember, those are mid level versity.

  21. ami law a admission hote cai…..pls 3 ta law er jonno valo privet university er name bolben pls ………. jegulote admission hoyar jonno ami preparation nite pari….pls janaben

    1. Author

      Brac should be first choice. Then Daffodil and southeast

  22. Ami ssc korechi science theke, Hsc Arts (Open versity) theke. Ame ki kono Private versity te addmit nite parbo. BBA/Bsc(ECO) a porte parbo. Tar jonno kon versity better hobe. Thanks

    1. Author

      Have no idea. You are in a critical situation!

  23. ami uiu te chance paici c.s.e te chance paici..apni ki bolen plz.ar che better kno kicu kora jay ki na?

    1. Author

      UIU is one of the best privet University but the problem is their grading system. It’s more and more hard to get better CGPA at UIU.

      1. can u explain why its hard to obtain gd cgpa in uiu??

        1. Author

          Because of their grading system. UIU do not follow UGC grading system, they have own. At UIU, 55 is the minimum pass mark and 92 or 92+ is for “A”.

          1. Let me tell everyone>>> EWU te CGPA tola beshi tough….pass mark 60 te….90+ e A …more than 50% students have CGPA less than 3……EWU is Best for BBA and MBA…..quality is very good…But you need to work hard to keep your CGPA over 3….and If you want a CGPA greater than 3.5…you need to study A LOT!!!!

          2. Author

            Yea, EWU and UIU are maintaining the same grading system. And of course it’s too hard to carry better CGPA there.

          3. you have given wrong information, correct is given below

            0 F
            55 D
            58 D+
            62 C-
            66 C
            70 C+
            74 B-
            78 B
            82 B+
            86 A-
            90 A

      2. I am currently at UIU in CSE, (1st semester) and I got accepted at NSU (CSE) should I go to NSU or stay at UIU?
        BRAC kamon for CSE?

        1. Author

          Umm, there is same pressure at UIU and NSU. But, there is more opportunity at NSU than UIU. Now Choice yours.

  24. which university is good for CSE deffodil or uiu…pls

    1. Author

      CSE? then go for Daffodil.

      1. and which is best for CSE Defodil or UIU

      2. ami UIU te CSE nea porchi bt pressure nte parchi na tai result khrap hocche…..now versity chng korte chacchi…
        Kon versity vlo hbe CSE ar jnno ?
        R job ar khetre versity name or result kivabe dkha hy…kno prob hbe..?

        1. Author

          I would suggest AIUB or Daffodil for CSE. UAP is good but not for CSE, they are good for others subjects.

          Don’t be tensed about job market. Carry a better CGPA, that will help you career.

  25. Ame Economics sub. neye porte chai. Tar jonno kon versity valo hobe. R valo versity te chance na pele konte te admit nete parbo. Pls,give me ans.pls.

    1. Author

      Economics? Well, then go for IUB.

  26. I want to study at EEE in iub. Is it good for me……. Can i get better job after passing from iub…..

    1. Author

      I’m not saying IUB is not good but AIUB and AUST is better for Engineering.

  27. bro ami UIU te BBA te chance peyechi.Akhon ai tate BBA korle kemon hobe?Plz…plz… janan.

  28. BBA ar jnno BUBT kmn hbe??

    1. Author

      Umm, Not bad but It’s level “c” University.

  29. Ami Asia passifiq a “pharmacy” te porte chai . Pharmacy er jonno ai univercity ta kamon ? R pharmacy er jonno kothay porle valo hoy ? Amar ssc te gpa 5 @ hsc te 4.10 . Please bolben.

    1. Author

      Asia Pacific is doing well in Pharmacy. You can admit there.

  30. Dear bro, i have completed my bba(acc and fin). My cgpa is 3.70. I want to complete mba from private university. Which one is better for me? Is nsu so hard for completing mba.. which university comparatively better for mba…

    1. Sorry… bro i have forgotten to mention my university… i completed bba from aiub…

    2. Author

      I would suggest IUB. Surely NSU is a good one but many student cant adjust with their environment. You know what I meant. . .

  31. Presidency University er Ranking koto? Etate BBA/BA in English korle kmon hobe? Pls,pls………..amk janan. Pls.

    1. Author

      Presidency University isn’t in top ranking. I do not suggest or discourage you to get admit there. You should think again before admit anywhere.

  32. Food n nutrition engineering sub ta daffodil a kmn…?

    1. Author

      You should try public university first for those subject. And maybe Daffodil would not bad for Food and Nutrition science.

      1. Among them which university is better for EEE?
        UIU,daffodil or south east

        1. Author

          UIU is best for EEE among UIU, Daffodil and South East.

  33. ami EEE porte chasse….UIU kmn hobe?

    1. Author

      I told earlier, UIU is good for EEE but It’s kinda hard to get better CGPA here.

  34. which subject is better between CSE,EEE & civil engineering .
    And which university is better for civil ?
    between UIU,EASTERN, and DIU which is good for EEE?

    1. Author

      All subjects are good! Students select subject from their own choice.

      Ahsanullah is best for Civil Engineering.

      1. ami UIU r UAP 2ta te e CSE te chance paisi ..now konta te admit hobo confused. konta vlo hobe CSE ar jonno ?

          1. UAP a CSE kemon kbe ?
            Daffordil or UAP konta vlo…?
            Versity ar name or result kivabe dkha hy job opportunity te ?

          2. eee er jonno kon uv valo hobe voben plz

          3. Author

            AUST, UIU, AIUB, UAP, IUB, WEU and so on

  35. RecentlyI have completed BBA.Whice private versity is better for MBA.I want to know that Whice versity is easy for completing MBA .

    1. Author

      I don’t know how easy or hard is the MBA course. But, You should try level first versity.

  36. I am a science background student. I passed SSC with 4.25 & HSC with 4.00.now want to study BBA.
    I tried BRAC,IUB,NS but failed.
    now I want to know that which university is good for BBA among the remaining universities.

    1. Author

      You can try EastWest and UIU then.

    1. Author

      Try >> IUB or NSU or EWU or UIU

  37. Vai ami nsu te EEE & CSE te tiksi. Akhon konta porle better hobe? And keno better hobe plz janaben

    1. Author

      That’s a big & tough question! You should give priority your choice first. EEE and CSE all are the best subject. Some student are doing well in CSE job sectors and some are EEE or others. Ask yourself which career sector you love much.

      One thing I can say, EEE is a tough subject rather than CSE. So, think before get admit.

      And good luck 🙂

  38. Vaiya ami uiu ta cse porta chasce kamon hoba? Naki uiu ar chaya diu better hoba?

    1. Author

      UIU is better than DIU but I told earlier, It’s kinda hard to carry better CGPA at UIU. 55 for pass marks and 92 for “A” where 40 for pass marks and 80 for “A” at DIU.

    2. IDIU better than uiu…..u shoul admit diu

      1. Author

        DIU is better than UIU? Oh really? 😮

  39. green university,daffodil university,Stamford university– egolo ki MBA er jonno valo? amar ssc te 4.06(out of 5);hsc te 3.40(out of 5); bba te 3.50(out of 4). khub valo ekta poramorsho chai; ami ekhon chorom duschintai asi.

    1. Author

      Can I know why you choice those versity? Your results isn’t too bad, so I think you should try Level A versity first. Like- IUB,NSU,EWU or UIU

  40. Hello,dear pls give me suggest. i read in english at dhaka college at 1st yr honor’s.you know it’s takes a long time in NU.i want to read in IT or SWE.is it possible to read in those sub beside english in NU? i am from science breakground. PLS ANS….

    1. Author

      Of course you can admit in 2 place at a time if you can manage your time. Go to any versity and get admit. 🙂

      Maybe, I didn’t got your point exactly! Please tell me details. You can write Banglish if you don’t feel comfortable in English.

  41. cse ar jonno daffodil ar ranking koto???cse ar jonno ki diu valo hobe???

    1. Author

      Daffodil isn’t bad for CSE. You can admit there.

      1. cse ar jonno EWU,DIU,UIU,IUB porjaykrome kunta valo hobe akto janaben

        1. Author

          From my point of view, IUB>EWU>UIU>DIU among them. But, AUST and AIUB is better than those.

        2. From my point of view AIUB>DIU>EWU>UIU>IUB.. AUST is better than those

          1. Author

            Why you are trying to confuse peoples? DIU is not a ranked university. Please don’t do that, that’s may cause a student life damage!

  42. Amar SSC te 3.38 from Science & HSC te 3.25 from Arts. Ame Private versity te English ba Economics a admit nete chai. Valo kono uv te chance na pele. kontate admit nete parbo ba valo hobe. Kontate admit nele valo hobe.

  43. vai ami polytecnic thake diploma complite korci.but amr refferd ace.please apni aktu janaben j kon kon vercity refferd thakle admission korai.

    1. Author

      Some university are offered provisional admission in that case. Please contact with your desired versity and ask them that is they are offering provisional admission or not.

  44. vai ami math and physics other subject gular tulonai valo pari. bt chemistry khub akta pari. akhon amar kon subject nile valo hobe. cse/EEE?

    1. EEE. valo hobe… r courses gula same e thake… jst EEE te math beshi thake r cse te kom… cse er beshir vag EEE te shikhanu hoy

  45. bhai..science theke BBA nile ki study korte problem hobe?

  46. ami uiu theke cse porte chai… ami ki 10 lac er vitor full complt korte parbo?? boi nd other cost soho??? plz dnt mind.. tk er ektu short ase… plz rply

    1. Author

      As Regular Cost (Per Credit Fee Tk. 4500/-) total Tk. 6,67,000 will be needed. Books cost is not too high in bd. You know, Nilkhet 😉

      The great thing is, UIU offered 100% tuition fee waiver if you carry 3.80+ every semester. or also you can availing 15% to 25% tuition fee waiver if you can maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.50

      Good Luck 🙂

  47. vai ami green thake EEE ta bsc korta chasci.ami ki pora ai certificate dia bahira job kingba aro porasuna korta parbo.

    1. Author

      The University has UGC approval. So, I do not see any problem.

  48. BBA r jonno IUB kemon. . . ? ?plz inform me

    1. Author

      Best one without any confusion.

  49. Vaia ami B.studies theke graduate complete korechi. amar hsc result 4.60 . ekhon ami kun university te admit nile amar & amar future er jonno sobceye better hobe? Plz help me.

    1. Author

      For MBA or EMBA? Go for IUB, EWU or UIU without any hesitation

  50. uiu ku a lavel versity? uiu te cse valo na eee? kunta besi valo

  51. uiu ki a lavel versity??atate cse na eee valo?? kunta besi valo

  52. Vaiya amar result ssc- 4.75 & hsc – 4.60. ami BBA korte cai. BBA er jonno kun university valo hobe. Plz reply Admin

    1. Author

      Try ar IUB,EWU or UIU

    1. Author

      New but Good one. You can admit there.

  53. ULAB kemon English r jonno ?

    1. Author

      ULab is doing well day by day. So, you can go for ULab

  54. I want to MBA of IUBAT

    How is IUBAT for MBA ???

    1. Author

      IUBAT is doing good. You can admit there.

      1. What is the ranking of “IUBAT” & “UAP”
        Pls janaben. Upokreto hobo..

        1. Author

          UAP is top 10 listed versity where IUBAT isn’t listed in top 10 yet. But, IUBAT is also a good versity. I wish, IUBAT will take place in top 1o privet uni soon.

          1. what do u think about mechanical engineering of IUBAT. plz ans me soon..

          2. Author

            So far I know, Mechanical Engineering at IUBAT is good enough. You can admit there.

  55. bro ar agy akta qus korsi…plzz ans ta janaben

  56. Please inform me about the brand value of uiu. whats the position of uiu at job market.

    1. Author

      Don’t worry about UIU. You know, UIU is a part of United Group. They have total 34 business with United Hospital, Novo Pharmaceuticals, Khulna Spilling mils, United Air Service and Many more.

  57. Ami Daffodil A law a admission hote cai….. Ami HSC pass koresi B.studies theke…. Daffodil BBA or LAW, kon subject er jonno valo….R Daffodil ki valo University I mean top ranking university ? Pls janaben bro……..

    1. Author

      Not in top 10 or Level A versity. Daffodil is in Level “B” versity. Choice yours but I can say, Daffodil isn’t bad.

  58. ami IUB te admition test ee na tika chara ki tk die admit hoite parbo?? R tikte hole admition test a koto pete hobe.?

    1. Author

      I don’t know any illegal option! Sorry.

  59. Assalamualaikoom.ami national university theke B.B.S (pass) 1st Division peyesi. Ekon M.b.A korte chai .M.B.A jonno konta valo hobe? Brac/ East west/ Independent? Pls janaben.

    1. Author

      All of them are good enough. You can admit any one of them.

      1. me sub er jnno iubat kmn ..??aust and iubat chara me sub ta ar kono private university te ase..??

        1. Author

          IUBAT is good enough for Mechanical Engineering. Yes, University of Asia Pacific also offer Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree.

  60. vaiya for CSE which is better between. AUST/AIUB?

    1. Author

      AUST and AIUB both are great. You can admit one of them. But, I prefer AUST

  61. viia….. ewu cse er jonno kototuku valo…..

      1. accha bubt university cse ar jonno kmn ?

        1. Author

          Not bad but AIUB will be better then that.

  62. Dear Vaiya,

    I have total 4.98 GPA from both ssc and hsc, and i want to study in law which private university will be best … please let me know..ASAP.


    1. Author

      You can try Daffodil,Northern,SouthEast and UODA. Those will be better for you.

  63. bro ami parmachy porte cai.parmachy er jonno kun private varsity better hobe?

    1. Author

      Try at NSU>Asia Pacific>Northern

  64. Amar 2ta qu. answer diben pls..
    1.national university thake kono akta vlo sub-a honours ar kono akta private cse or eee or textile eng. nia pora konta vlo.
    2.CSE,EEE and textile-r jonne kon private uni vlo hobe middle class family’r jonne? job market-a kontar demand basi.jehatu middle class family’r boro chale hisabe family’r hal dhorte hobe.so job is the fact.
    pls tell

    1. Author

      1) Of course Engineering Course from any first class privet university is better than National University. You must know about session Jam on National University. That will hell your life!
      2) For Engineering AUST,AIUB,UIU,Asia Pacific and Daffodil are best. The cost will be same all of them, around 6 Lakh (Approximately) will needed.

      Feel free to ask more question if you have any.

      1. but i have heard that it is very costly to read uiu, aiub,iub,ewu.is deoffodil good for cse?What is it’s costs?. Aitar job market-a demand kemon? please tell….apni kon sub-a poren?

        1. Author

          The cost is around 6 Lakh for those uni.
          Daffodil isn’t bad for CSE. The total cost at Daffodil is 5,83,850/= Job market depends on your qualification, not university. But, University makes students qualification 😉

          1. bro AIUB 8.6lac lagbe EEE , CSE . so aust , uiu , ewu ,apu r shathe tulona kore lav nai :p private uni r modde AIUB te cost sob theke beshi

      2. Brother,ami IUBAT te EEE te porte chai.please tell me aita ki rokom hobe?And iubat ki rokom maner versity?

        1. Author

          IUBAT is doing good day by day. You can admit there.

  65. Amar result total 8.54(without 4th 8.04) in ssc and hsc

  66. Can you tell me ULAB/Northern university is good for CSE & ETE? How many batches have completed graduation from this university from engineering department? I need your valuable feedback.

    1. Author

      No one is best for CSE among them I guess. & It’s kinda hard to know how many batches are completed from there.

      Anyway, Why you do not try at AUST,AIUB,UIU or Daffodil? Those are best for CSE.

  67. Vaia, Apne amk suggest korechilen Economics er jonno IUB/UIU te try korte. Jodi ae 2 ta te admit nete na pari. Tokhon Ame kontate Try korbo. Ame jani admission test a tika khob Kothin. Pls, suggest me again.

    1. Author

      Umm, I do not see better alternate of them. You can take Daffodil University as your 3rd choice.

  68. Bro now cse or pharmacy…kontar job market valo besi…pls explain koren

    1. Author

      That’s a very tough question for me, Ha ha. Well, You know there is no better job field for Engineers in our Country. Most of the Engineering student leave Bangladesh after completing their graduation. But the problem is, In the near future, I don’t see any better chance internationally for CSE students from middle class or poor countries like bangladesh.
      And, Pharmacy is a part of medical science. You know, medical and medical science is a most valuable part in the world from beginning of the world and that will be continued until the ends of the world.

      At the end, I do not want to say specifically which is best or not. CSE & Pharmacy those are good, Now choice yours.

      Good Luck 🙂

  69. I m Science background student. SSC 4.25 & HSC 4.00.Now I want to study ACCA.
    Which path is better?
    Doing acca after BBA or directly admitted to acca by completing FIA
    please answer…

    1. Author

      I suggest HDA before ACCA. Sequence like that, ssc > HSC > HDA > ACCA.

      Any kind of ACCA related question, Please contact at bims >> http://bims-college.com/ . You can contact over Phone before visiting bims office.

  70. Hmm…bro ami east west e pharmacy te chance payci….but oidike cse porle amar hate option 1tay daffodil…..ami brac aiub te porbona cse….so now ki je korbo matha nosto :p ami jani ewu valo but chemistry te ami valo student na abar oidike math e valo holeo cse market kharap 🙁

  71. R apni bolcen je 5bocor por ekhnkar moto computer engineer ra baire job pabena 😮 ???

  72. IUBAT Kon maner university ?amar result
    SSC -5.00
    Mechanical eng porte chai ” but AUST ar IUBAT sara ME private a nai ar ami jani AUST te ami chance pabona! so sekhetre apni ki suggest korben ?mechanical a IUBAT vorti hobo naki sub change kore CSE, EEE er jonno AIUB, ,DIU,UIU te try korbo ?
    reply please! !!!

    1. Author

      1) IUBAT is new versity bu doing good day by day. If you wants to study in Mechanical, then you can go for IUBAT.
      2) Not only AUST and IUBAT, World University also offering Mechatronics/Mechanical subject.But, I don not prefer World University. IUBAT is quit best than World University.
      3) Choice is yours. Mechanical is a good subject and have a good future. But, If you want to study in EEE or CSE, then You can try another.

      1. Bro
        IUBAT is not new university,
        It was established in 1991 & providing courses from 1992.

        1. Author

          Yea I know. But they came into public eyes lately somehow 😉

  73. normally IUBAT ta kmn? ranking kmn? kon class er moddhe pore?

    1. Author

      I said earlier, IUBAT is doing good day by day.

  74. Ami to answer pelamna 😮 🙁 je keno bd theke baire jawa jabena samne ?

    1. Author

      Sorry for late, my mistake.
      I never said Bangladeshi will not go abroad. I just talked about International Job market for middle class or low class country.

  75. vaia cse er jonno top 2ta pvt university ki? aust baade…

  76. Brother
    IUBAT theke BSC ses kore mechanical er jonno BUET, CUET, RUET, KUET a ki M.sc. try kora jabe? or na gele kothai kora jabe?
    Bangladesh a mechanical er demand kemon?
    vaiya ar ekta diffrent question sudhu matro 2 tar moddhe compare korben, daffodils er BBA korar cheye IUBAT er mechanical ki valo hobe na?

    1. Author

      1) Students from any UGC approved university can apply govt. Engineering University for MSC.
      2) I said earlier, Mechanical is good enough and have a big job market.
      3) Mechanical study is far better than BBA

  77. j sokol university IEB accreedted na sekhanker student ra kivabe IEB er membership pabe? optional kono way ase ki ? please reply !!!!

  78. textile ar jonno kun private versity valo hobe?? niter kemon?? kindly janle upokrito hobo…

    1. Author

      Go for Ahsanullah University.

  79. i jst complet my graduation in accounting(NU) n belongs to a middel class family.which versity is perfect for me to mba?ektu janabn ki?

    1. Author

      You can try at UIU or ULab or AsiaPacific or SouthEast

  80. via ami english a honers korta chai private varsity thaka amr gpa 3.25and 3.70 via ami english aktu kom pari tarporo i like english amr jonno kotai porla sohoj hoba?and manarat englisher jonno kmon hoba?pls ans me?

    1. pls via amaka aktu help koran pls ans me?

    2. Author

      Go for ULab. That will be better for you.

  81. Vaia parmacy er jnno primeasia kmn hobe.? Plz ans me.!

    1. Author

      I don’t wanna say it’s bad or something like that. But, If you are looking for a mid level varsity for Pharmacy, then I suggest Northern University.

  82. Sir,I have two questions.Please answer…
    1)Currently which one is the best private university to study IT in bangladesh?

    2What about mechanical engineering in AUST?Is it good enough??If not then which one?

    1. Author

      1) For IT or CSE, AIUB an AUST both are best.
      2) For Mechanical, AUST is good enough.

  83. Vaia gono versity kamon farmacy er jno. Plz tell me.

    1. Author

      gono versity? I didn’t got your point :s

  84. IUBAT kon level ar university
    1.A 2.B 3.C

  85. How better is International Islami University Chittagong (IIUC) for Regular MBA.
    Exactly I have no huge money,that’s why I m liking to admit myself into a better but not best University with medium cost.
    Please inform me ur opinion.

    1. Author

      I said earlier, admit there without confusion.

  86. Is iub better for bba then ewu?

    1. Author

      Probably IUB is better than EWU specially for BBB.

  87. I want to get admission into International Islami University Chittagong (IIUC) for Regular MBA.
    Is it better for MBA?
    Or University of Asia Pacific or Daffodil.

    1. Author

      IIUC is good one, you can admit there without any confusion.

  88. for engineering. A level ranking…1,2,5,7
    for BBA And MBA. A level ranking
    for engineering B level ranking 9,10,11,12
    for BBA and MBA B level ranking 8,10,11,13

  89. ami bba porta cai kon university ta porla valo hoba.amar ssc 3.75 hsc 3.50

        1. Author

          Total Cost: Tk. 5,99,500 (Per Credit Fee Tk. 4500/-) Without Tuition Fee Waive

  90. AMT (apperal manufacture&tecnology) te BGMEA er por kon tar ranking ase.plz akto joldi janaven.help me.

  91. which is the best for BBA?cost kamon hoba.

    1. Author

      Around 4500/= per credit

  92. Ami UIU a BBA te chance paici.UIU ki bba ar jorno onek bhalo. Vaiya reply diyen.

  93. Ami science background student and finished HSC in 2012 and ami ACCA porte chai. BBA korar pore ACCA korle bhalo hobe na akoni shuru korbo after completing HDA.
    Which one is good ?
    Is ACCA more harder for science student?

    1. Author

      Nothing is Hard! As a science background student, you may complete BBA first. That would be better for you.

  94. UIU -> South East ->ULAB, Arts background r above average(GPA: 4.5+) student r jonno, BBA konta ta valo hobe..
    Dhanmondi ta konta best hobe

    1. Author

      UIU’s educational system is too much tough. So, think first. I would suggest ULab or AsiaPacific

      1. Thank You very much. ULAB VS AsiaPacific konta better hobe.. kontar future growth nd brand value valo

        1. Author

          Ulab & Asia Pacific both are top ten versity. But Ulab is growing fast and doing well. So, choice yours.

  95. Bro, Ami arts group r student, total gpa: 9+ . BBA korte cacci.. Student hisebe above average. Dhanmondi area ta kon uni ta best hobe. UIU-ULAB-UAP-UODA-STAMFOR-DAFFODIL

    1. Author

      I don’t know those versity are allow arts background students or not. Please contact with admission department to discuss about that.

      But I can say, UIU and Ulab is best among them.

  96. I am A student of Degree. Ami ki valo job Pabo.

    1. Author

      That’s depends on your quality. If you can prove yourself at job market then you will get a better job.

      Remember, no one can get a better job without prove him/her.

  97. vai kon university valo $ IUBAT or Asia pasific university

    1. Author

      Asia Pacific has placed in top ten ranked versity

  98. IUBAT ar place koto ….and daffodil university valo or IUBAT

    1. Author

      For CSE, Daffodil would be better than IUBAT otherwise NO.

  99. Ami ACCA porta chai but i dont known where ACCA university and how much montly cost.

    1. Author

      Any kind of ACCA related question, Please contact at bims >> http://bims-college.com/ . You can contact over Phone before visiting bims office.

  100. vaia,bba r jonno ahsanulla kamon,pls vai janan

    1. Author

      Ahsanullah is mainly an Engineering versity. I don not suggest AUST for BBA. You better try at NSU,IUB or EWU

      1. thanks via for ur suggesition

  101. Vaia,Amr ssc Science & hsc Arts theke.LLB/Economics er moddhe kon subject a porle Valo hobe. Ame bojte otte parchi na kon subject neye porbo. Pls suggest me.

    1. Author

      umm, both are good enough actually.
      However, If you are thinking to get a barrister degree after LLB, then its ok. Otherwise, I would suggest Economics

  102. Vai amr vatija BUFT te SUB : AMT te porte chay….kmn hobe aktu bolben

    1. Author

      It’s not BUFT, It’s BIFT(BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology).
      Well, I think garments sector in Bangladesh is good enough and have too much job opportunity. So, AMT(Apparel Manufacture & Technology) may have a bright future.

      1. dear brother, if u don,t mind i want to say that do u know BIFT is now BUFT ( BGMEA university of fashion and technology)…….it,s since one year ago that BGMEA is under UGC approved n it,s one of the privet university of bangladesh

  103. Vai kom cost(around 300,000/=) e cse korte chaile kon university valo hobe?

    1. Author

      Mid level versitys cost around 4-5Lakhs. I do not found any who are offering CSE in that amount.

  104. Assalamulikum Vaiya
    Ami International Islamic University Chittagong(IIUC)
    ar Depatment of Pharmacy ta B.Pharm Portasi.Now,Amr prosno IIUC ar Pharmacy jonno Job market/university ta kamon demand

    1. Author

      Don’t think what will be happened or what are waiting for you. Try to do your best what you are doing.
      Listen, You are studying a good university. So, make yourself properly.

  105. i am study in IUBAT as a BBA (marketing management ) student . my question is sometimes i am very much confused that this university is level good or bad please you inform me. and how much value n job oppurtunity in job market for Marketing management sub

    1. Author

      You are studying a good versity and also a good subject. So, don’t worry about your future. Prepare yourself 🙂

  106. vai,,,1,machanical engr er sector ki ki bangladesh e????job field kmn??oneke bole machanical engr valo na,,,,,2.,iubat er machanical valo hbe nake asia pacific er civil valo hbe,,,plz details ans diben

    1. Author

      There have a big job sector in Bangladesh of Mechanical Engineering. If you look at bdjobs.com, you will understand how valuable is this subject.
      I don’t wanna compare Mechanical Engineering with Civil Engineering. Those are very different subject with different job sectors. But, I can only say, Civil Engineering at Asia Pacific also good.

      Sorry to say, You are a too much confused guy! Remember, If you really wants to be a good engineer, then you have to make your decision own and very quick.

  107. Is University of Asia Pacific good for regular MBA?
    Please notice me brother.

    1. Author

      Not bad. But If you have any option to study in UIU or Ulab, then I would suggest them.

  108. vai amr questn er ans dan plz

  109. tnx,,,asia pacific e civil e cost koto???ssc 5,,hsc 4.40

    1. Author

      Civil Engineering(CE) || (4 year) || (4 x 2) = 8 Semesters || 08 x 62,000/- = 4,96,000/- (Regular)

      25% waiver for students with individual GPA 4.50 in SSC and HSC will be offered. But, You have to maintain a minimum CGPA in individual semesters.

      For more details>> http://www.uap-bd.edu/admission.html

  110. Vai, commerce background theke ki “Bachelor of Architecture” pora jay ???

  111. Vaia, Amr ssc te Sc.-3.38/hsc te Arts-2.9 Ame Jodi LLB kori kon UV & jodi economics a pori kon UV te Admit nete Parbo. LLB korar por ki barrister kora jai na,LLM kore korte hoy? BD te Kora jai?

    1. Author

      You can try at SouthEast University, Stamford University or University of Development Alternative(UODA) if you wants to study LLB. There have several more versity for LLB, but I suggest those according to your result.
      Yes, You can study Barrister level after completing your LLB. But, You have to go out of this country for that. I don’t know any institute who are offering Barrister course.

    2. Asa university llb er jonno kmn hobe.Aita kon level er university..

      1. Author

        Not a very good ranked university. Try BRAC, It’s best for LLB

  112. Bhaia, can i appear to take B.c.s exam after completing b.b.a or any other degrees from private university. have u any reference about that plz show me.

  113. vaia education loan kivabe pabo and kon bank dai.. plz janaban

    1. Author

      Dutch Bangla bank offer scholarship for poor and meritorious students. You can contact with them.

      Also Eastern Bank, ific Bank and Trust Bank offer Education Loan. You may contact with them also.

    1. Author

      UODA isn’t too good or too bad. You know, UODA do not charged tuition fees from student. They just take some fees in every month. Actually UODA runs under a educational organization.

      1. amaka koek jon bolece.. Cost r tulonae quality besh valo bola cole.. graduate ra motamoti valo position e ache.. Hostel + tution + food milia monthly 10,000 holei naki BBA pora jabe

  114. vaiA ami Daffodil a cse te portesi.. nw i m 1st yr student.akhan theke valo mark carry krte parle amr job sector kmn hobe, i mean ami kon kon sector a valo amount ar job pabo BD te.plz janaben………

    1. Author

      You are a first year student and you are thinking future Job with good amount salary?!

      Remember, Good CGPA isn’t mandatory for a good job but your quality is. Rise your educational & mental quality and make prepare yourself. Don’t be panic about your future.

  115. Brother I have got chance in Chittagong University at EMBA.
    Will it be valuable?
    please inform me.

    1. Author

      You got chance at a wise University. Surely that will be good for you and help your career.

      Wish You very good luck bro 🙂

  116. vai aj eduicon.com a akta news daklam ….akjon student Ru thake Islamic studies a hons pore…and aki shate Nu degree thake o fajil complete korca….aki shate dui institute a porar karone take Ru ar cerdificate cancel kore dica …….but my question is…. RU ar jaigai jodi private university hoto ….tobe ki private university ar cerdificate cancel kore diba. ??? or Nu ar cetdificate cancel kore diba? ?? or Private university te kono problem kore NA???konta …..upni jodi kindly bolten..

    1. Author

      There shouldn’t be any problem if a student can effort that, so far I know :s

  117. AK kothai ans Dan…..private university te akta student hons porca…..aki shate NU thake ..hons…..porce …ate kore chardificate cancel hobe ki NA???

  118. dhaka international university ta bba ar jonno kamon?

    1. Author

      Why DIU? DIU is low level versity, so think again before get admit.

  119. ……….off post………

    vai kono student jodi aki shate…Nu..te hons kore..and private university te hons kore….tobe tar ki 2 ta cerdificate cancel hobe? or akta? or kono Tai cancel hobe NA?

    1. Author

      Already I answered that.

    Please inform me.

    1. Author

      Booth are good enough. You can admit one of them without any hesitation.

  121. Dear Brother ….. EEE er jonno kon university valo hobe …… UAP or Brack

    1. Author


  122. Brother I have completed Bsc.
    Now I want to do MBA.Will it be suitable for me.

    1. Author

      Yea. You can. That will help your career.

  123. How will be value, if I will admit into the Evening MBA in DU than nsu, iub, ewu or aiub. Please inform me asap.

    1. Author

      Dhaka University MBA is more valuable than any privet University. You can admit without any hesitation.

  124. vaiya amar gpa s.s.c 4.69 and h.s.c 4.80.ami cse or civel nai porte chai..kon sub valo hobe? And kon versity amar jono valo hobe? …pls ans

    1. Author

      Both are good in their area. According to your background, I would like to suggest you>>
      For Civil>> Asia Pacific

  125. Dear Bro. EEE er jonno kongulon private university valo hobe………… ame UAP te vorte hote chasse ata kamon hobe…… please ………amake janan………

    1. Author

      UAP isn’t bad. But, AUST,AIUB,UIU is better than AUP for EEE.

  126. Ami bba korta cai kon priveat university ta Valo hoba Amar ssc 3.75 hsc3.50 .akto kom cost ar vitor

    1. Author

      If you looking for low cost versity then you have consider versity Level. You must have to admit Level B versity then.

  127. vaia ami ssc vocational theke electrical 4.77 peye now ekta private college e diploma korsi electrical e. now I’m 5th semister next ami bsc in eee korbo kon university theke (ektu low cost) amr diploma te cgpa koto lagbe?

    1. Author

      You may need CGPA 3.00 up in Diploma. If you wants to study in regular course(Day), then you can try at any privet Uni. In other hand, If you wants to study in evening course, then you can try at Daffodil,World or likely this level university.

      There will no problem about your vocational background. Don’t worry.

  128. Level B versity bba ar jonno konta Valo hoba

  129. Dear brother Which one is better than other one between CU EMBA & JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY MBA Evening?

  130. Vai, level B er 10 ta UV er Name Ki Janaben pls, pls, pls,……

    1. Author

      Well, It’s can be Daffodil,SouthEast,IUBAT,BUBT,Stamford,Eastern,Northern etc.

  131. Dear brother Which one is better
    MBA Evening?

  132. brother MBA ar jonno kon university best. public and private both. please inform me.

    1. Author

      Try at Dhaka University for public and NSU>IUB>EWU>Brac>UIU for privet

  133. valo versty te porte kom kora holao SSC and hac koto gpa lagbe vi?

    1. Author

      It’s better to have minimum GPA 8(both) to get chance.

  134. what about city university…???

    1. Author

      City University? :/ I don’t understand why you guys choice those versity. :s I’d suggest Honors at National University rather than City University.

  135. right….private a porle valo.gulote…..
    na hole…..nu. hons..

  136. Ami onk tension e achi.bcz perfect kono decision nite parchina j kon versity te admit hole bba course ta valo vabe complete korte parbo..bba er jonno defodil versity ta kmon 1tu janaben plz.

    1. Author

      For BBA? I would suggest IUB,BRAC or EWU. And Daffodil? well, choice yours but if you really wants to admit there then you have to consider better education quality.

  137. Brother, can You suggest me about Bangladesh university of professional for MBA.

    1. Author

      Do you wants to know about MBA at Bangladesh University or MBA at any University? I do not get your point. Can you please tell clearly?

  138. Bro, ami eibar diploma in electrical engineering ses korlam, ami Gazipur a thaki, job er pasapasi kon privare university te B sc kora valo hobe janaben

    1. Author

      Umm, you may admit at Daffodil for evening course. You know, daffodil is better than Atish Dipankar or something like this level versity 😉

  139. Which university is in good ranking for MBA and provides reasonable tution fees.
    My GPA of SSC,HSC,BSC is 5, 5, 3.6
    NSU,EWU,IUB,BRAC,AIUB te onek khoroch, around 3 to 3.5 lakh.
    Pls leave a reply.

    1. Author

      Regular or Evening? The cost will very with regular or evening.

      Well, Here is the cost of listed versity below-
      Daffodil- Regular:1,40,500-2,13,600 , Evening:1,72,500
      Southeast- Regular:2,32,600 , Evening:1,88,400
      Asia Pacific- Regular:2,00,000/- , Evening:1,12,000/-

      Overall, You may go for Asia Pacific. You already know, UAP is top 10 listed versity.

  140. Boss MSC ETE er jonno DAFFODIL UNI kemon.?
    Or i should try govt. uni.
    Tution fee is reasonable in Daffodil rather than AIUB & BRAC for MSC EEE/ETE

    1. Author

      Of course you should try at Public Uni at first. Then you may admit at privet uni if you don’t get chanced in public uni.

      umm, Daffodil isn’t bad also isn’t too good 😉

  141. Amar ssc te golden 5 ebong hsc te 4.4 gpa ache. Ami UODA te CSE porte chai. CSE er jonno UODA kemon hobe?

    1. Author

      Poor lab facilities is the big fact. If you have not any other option, then you may admit there. Otherwise, I would suggest AIUB for CSE

  142. cse porar jonne ULAB kemon hobe vai?

    1. Author

      Not bad. Ulab is doing well day by day

  143. @admin vai,,,,civil niye porte casce iubat e”kmn hbe??cost koto???

    R daffodil er civil kmn??atar cost tau janale valo hoi””’

    1. Author

      Don’t go Daffodil for Civil. I would suggest UAP or IUBAT.

      UAP Cost: 4,96,000/-
      IUBAT cost: I don’t know, actually I do not found any of their website.

  144. iubat er civil kmn???cost koto???

    1. Author

      IUABT’s Civil is good but sorry to say that I don’t found any information of IUBAT website.

  145. ami confusion e aci,,plz help personally,,,amr ssc 5,,hsc 4.4,,,iubat er civil e porle valo hoi or subjt chanc kre cse or eee er jnno ewu,,uiu te try krle valo hoi????

    1. Author

      Umm, Actually both are good subject. You may admit one of them.
      Just think, which subject are more attracting you, Civil or CSE? If its civil, then go for Civil without any confusion or tension.

      Always remember one thing, “Do whatever you Love, Love whatever you do” – And that will change your life.

  146. brother, I want to do MBA. My choices BUP, NSU, IUB and Brac. But I am confused which university will be good for my better future.

    1. Author

      Great! Go for one of them. They are all best.

      Wish you good luck 🙂

  147. boss I collect IUBAT total cost….for department of CIVIL,EEE,ME
    per credit 3000/= tk total credit 153. and registration free total 86000/= tk admission + lab+library +extra 30000/= tk
    total coat 5,75,000/= tk
    you can get waivers your h.s.c result …but you maintain at least CGPA 3.0 IN 3 Semester.
    CGPA sistem is..
    60-69=D=1 pass mark

    1. Author

      Thank you. Your information will help some people.

    2. Now 2016 IUBAT CIVIL cost 700000+

  148. amr rslt hsc te cmrc thke goldn nd ssc te scnc thke 4.94……ami BBA er jnno aply krbo…..ami thik bjte prtsina kontay aply krbo…..stmfrd nd Daffodil er moddhe konta vlo gbe…..kindly janaben……..

    1. Author

      I’ll choice Daffodil if you ask me to compare between Stamford and Daffodil. But, I suggest, go for any first level versity if you have option so.

  149. BBA er jonno kon University valo hobe SEU naki IUBAT…Ans plz

    1. Author

      IUBAT is comparatively better than SEU.

        1. Author

          Sure? Better than NSU, IUB, EWU, Brac?

  150. Dear brother Which one is better
    between Chittagong University EMBA & JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY
    MBA Evening?

    1. Author

      Both are good enough. You can admit any.

      But one thing you should consider first. Where you wants to live or where are you living? If you are living in Chittagong, then go for Chittagong University. Or, If you living in Dhaka, the of course Jagannath University.

    2. Assa vaiaa ami diploma engineering er 4th year er student ami computer a pori akhon amader bsc korar jonno kun university valo hoba & amora ki aust aiub ta admition neta parbo abong ami amar diplomar computer subject change korta parbo abong change korle ki time & tk er poriman beshi lagbe naki…? Akto janan plz plz plz………

      1. Author

        Yes you can admit any in Privet University. And yes, you can change your subject. Although, some university do not accept department changing but most of the versity are allows.
        Which versity will best for you? Well, If you are wants to study as a regular student then go for any top level versity. Or If you wants to study at evening, then find one as your requirements.

  151. Aiub ta ki j kuno CGPA ta borti korA hoy naki minimum 3 laga r amar diploma ta computer selo ami aiub ta change kora bsc eee ta evening shift a borti hota chai tahola koto taka lagta para akto kindly janan vai…

    1. Author

      First of all, AIUB has no evening EEE course. Only regular.
      And, of course you must have minimum SSC GPA 4+ from science background and also must have CGPA 3+ minimum in Diploma.
      You have to attend admission test. If you pass the first test then they will call you for a VIVA. If you get passed from VIVA also, then you are eligible to admit there. Not so easy bro!

  152. Vaiaa ami aiub ta eee ta evening shift admition neta chai total voi shoho koto taka lagta para akto kindly janaben ami diploma engineering er computer department er 4th year er student

  153. ami IT te porte casce.kon private university valo hobe pls aktu janale valo hoi……….

    1. Author

      For cse? Try at AUST>AIUB>IUB>EWU>UIU

  154. cse porar jonno Stamford university kemon?

    1. Author

      Not a good idea to admit Stamford for CSE!

  155. hello bro.. ami BBA er jonno AUST a admission neoar kotha chinta kortesi kemon hobe plzz janaben……

    1. Author

      Basically, AUST is very good for Engineering subjects. I’d suggest you to go NSU,IUB,EWU or brac fro BBA

  156. hi, which universities would be good for studying microbiology/ biotechnology?

    1. Author

      Of course Dhaka University. You must try there.

  157. Bhaia, Bangladesh University of Professional er EMBA kemon hobe? (Edited by author)

    1. Author

      BUP is an Army forces maintained university. So, it’s should be good enough.

      Actually, I’ve no clear idea about their education system. But, I guess it’s not bad.

  158. Hi again. How about the private universities?? I am an A level student. Also which universities are good for english? Thank you.

    1. Author

      Privet? You can try at NSU and IUB. They both are offering English also.

  159. cse and bba er jonno daffodil valo hobe na iubat valo hobe.

    1. Author

      Umm, It’s difficult to say. But I guess Daffodil will be better for cse then IUBAT.

  160. which universities are good for law?

    1. Author

      Of course Brac University.

  161. I really need to know the ranking of universities for BBA in 2014 among NSU, AIUB, Brac or East West. Please let me know about it.

    1. Author

      That’s should be NSU>IUB>EWU>Brac>AIUB. This rank is only for BBA

  162. Brother, I want to know about MBA ranking for privet universities according to job perspectives.

    1. Author

      NSU>IUB>Brac>EWU all are best for both MBA and EMBA. Just get admitted one of them without any hesitation

  163. vai ami cse porte chai.
    Jani aust aiub ewu valo. Bt cost er jnne south east e porte chai. Eta kemon hbe. Sekha jabe to kisu.

    1. Author

      Umm, I don’t know about their laboratory system. You can contact with some student of seu to know the situation.

  164. BBA er jonno UAP kamon hoba ?

    1. Author

      Not bad but ULab is better than UAP for BBA.

  165. vaia i want to stdy in civil.whch private is da best after AUST?
    Fall e ki AUST e waiting hte admit koray?

    1. Author

      Well, UAP & IUBAT of course.

  166. ami jast hsc cmplet krlm..result 9.75 both
    i would like to read in abroad country for shine in life quickly…ami bba krbo.
    at this stage.. abroad country te jaowa ki amr jonno better hobe naki bba kore gele vlo hobe…? onk confusion a asi..
    plz admin ans me..

    1. Author

      Depends on you, your family and your financial condition. If you can manage better option in a better country then you can, otherwise please don’t!

  167. Bro,Apne Bolechilan Economics a Deffodil a try korte. But DIU te Economics sub nei. So, ekhon ame kothay admit nele valo hobe. Economics theke onno kono sub. valo hole, pls suggest koron. jekhan theke job Market Valo. Pls,pls,pls, Bro…. suggest me.

    1. Author

      Did you try at UIU? I know UIU maintain their educational quality. So, Why you don’t try there?

      1. Thanks bro,
        Ame Boloechilam amr ssc te-3.38 and Hsc te 2.90. Ame ki sekhane admit nete parbo. Jodi chance na pae. kon versity te ba kon Subject neye porle Valo hobe. pls, suggest me again.

        1. Author

          At least you can try 🙂

          1. Thanks,bro for encourage me. I will try there.

  168. Ami civil e vorti hote chai? Asia pacific r stamford er moddhe konta valo hobe?

    1. Author

      Of course Asia Pacific is better than Stamford.

  169. Bortomane engineering( privet uni) er kon subject e porle future valo hobe

    1. computer science /environmental engineering

  170. which uni is best for CSE among NSU AIUB and BRAC?
    i’m looking for the rank among these 3

    1. Author

      For CSE, AIUB would be better among them.

  171. in this which is better vircity for doing english hons..

    1. Author

      Firstly, ULAB, then Daffodil and SouthEast

  172. Vaia Plz Help me…
    BCMC college of Engineering and Technology te BSC in EEE kmn hobe ? Plz vaia help me…

    1. Author

      Actually I don’t have any idea about BCMC.

  173. bro media studies & journalism ae jonnee kon private versity best

  174. Hello…!
    CSE subject er jonno.
    UIU,EW,Daffodil ei 3 ta er maje kon ta valo hobe>?
    And Job pete gele ki ki dekhe?
    amar ki ki quality thakle valo hoy?
    aktu bolben ki?

    1. Author

      Both are good enough. You can admit any of them.
      Study regularly, make prepare yourself,work hard of your laboratories, keep your CGPA above 3.25, do some extra curriculum related to your course. And that’s will help you to get better Job

  175. bro ami ashole onek confused ami bba kon university theke korbo
    plz kindly janaben

    1. Author

      You can admit at UIU or Ulab but I don’t recommend Stamford.

      1. Why you cannot reccoment for SU? Is it really a low quality university or something more?

        1. Author

          Sonargaon University? It is a very new and level-D versity. Also very poor lab facilities. Why should I recommend for that?

  176. viya amar ssc & hsc A+ govt.uni tay chance pai ne..akhon IUBAT tay civil a portay chacce apni ke suggest korben plz janaben

    1. Author

      Civil department of IUBAT is good enough so far I know. But, I suggest you to try at Ahsanullah first. If you do not get chance there, then you can admit IUBAT or Asia Pacific.

  177. Admin Bhaia,International Islamic University Chittagong(IIUC) VARSITY TA KAMON?Oikhane CSE,EEE OR PHARMACY PORLE KAMON HOBE AR KONTA PORA BETTER…KINDLY ektu bolben??

    1. Author

      Surely IIUC is good one. You may admit there.
      Department? It’s actually depends on your choice. CSE, EEE and Pharmacy all are students choice subject in 2014. So, you can choice one.

      1. Thanks for te suggestion vaia….ar ekta question kori….amader khulna te Norh Western University name ekta new university open hoise…UGC approved…UGC site e o nam ase…akdom new jodio….aikhane vorti howata ki thik hobe?? ami shunsi ora shob KUET er teacher der dia class nai…ektu kindly suggestion den….

        1. Author

          Um, as a new versity it’s not possible to mark them at this time. I do not suggest you to admit there. If you have opportunity to admit a better versity, then please don’t think otherwise

          1. Thanks bhaia 🙂

  178. vaiya ami uiu te bba 2nd semi. Bt ekhn theka cgpa tula onek besi korsto. Ami parcina valo korte coz ami motamuti student. 1st semi r result o temn valo na. Thats why ami crdit change korte chai. Kotha crdit change korte cgpa amr moto student valo korte parbe. Ulab or daffodil? Pls rely

    1. Author

      Yas, I said earlier about that. The grading system of UIU is totally unbearable hard.
      ^Ulab is better than Daffodil. So, you can go for Ulab. If you wants to transfer your credits, then you must have minimum CGPA 3. Otherwise you have to admit Ulab as a new student. For more info, please go one day to Ulab and talk to admission office.

      I know the whole procedure of transferring credits from UIU. So, If you need, just ask me frequently, I’ll try to help you my best.

  179. vaiya,,ami aust a civil eng. porte chassi…
    aita ki better enuf hobe??

    pls cnsidr me as ur younger brother and ans the questn..
    im cnfused..
    nd r akta questn aust a civil valo naki ipe valo?

    1. Author

      Are you really hesitate with AUST?? Oh dear, please don’t. Just get admitted if you got chance there.

  180. omg, amr cgp toh 3 nai thahole hobe na ulab? New admit hote hobe? Basha theka toh onek pblm hobe amr new admit hole 🙁 ki korbo? Valo cpga korte chai.

    1. Author

      You should talk to your parents and let them know the situation. I hope they will understand you and your versity condition.

      Listen, If you don’t let your parents know about the situation now, then what happened if you get out from UIU after 4th time provision period?? Don’t late, you just lost 2 semester or 6/7 months. It’s not a big dill yet!

  181. ami motamuti student.. Ulab bba r marks plan ta kemn 100te? Diu r bba cumpas ta kothai?

    1. Author

      I have no idea about their mark system. That’ll help you a lot.
      Here’s the N. Grading Scale

      Letter Grade Grade Point Assessment
      A+ 4.0 Outstanding
      A 4.0 Superlative
      A- 3.8 Excellent
      B+ 3.3 Very Good
      B 3.0 Good
      B- 2.8 Average
      C+ 2.5 Below Average
      C 2.0 Passing
      D 1.5 Probationary
      F 0.0 Fail
      I 0.0 Incomplete
      W 0.0 Withdrawn
      AW 0.0 Administrative Withdrawal
      – See more at: http://www.ulab.edu.bd/Academics/general-academic-policy/All-Pages/#sthash.1U8zyHAh.dpuf

      Daffodil campus? Its at opposite Dhanmondi 32(Shukrabad)

  182. vaiya ami aust a merit list a asi..
    r ami admit o hote chai.
    bt civil or ipe ar majhe knta btr hobe 4 my career…

    1. Author

      IPE means Industrial and Production Engineering??
      umm, I don’t have clear idea about IPE. But I suggest you to Ask yourself what you want to be. A Civil Engineer or A IPE Engineer.

  183. amr ak uncle blse aust ar civil ar theke ipe valo..
    i wnt 2 b a civil engnr…bt im a little bit cnfused..
    which will be btr 4 my carer nd aust a civil pora ta thik hobe kina…
    aust ar civil ar demand kmn work sector gula te?!??!!!

    1. Author

      IPE would be a challenging subject for you as well as Bangladesh. In other hand, Civil is a gold subject for our country situation. There have a huge opportunity in civil sector.\

      Another thing I should mention, IPE has internationally a great opportunity. If your future plan is around internationally then you can go for IPE.

  184. aust ar civil to btr enuf,,tai na?

  185. vaiya, diu theka bba korle ki kharap hobe?? Diu toh ekhn onek valo korcha tai nah?

    1. Author

      I didn’t said Daffodil isn’t good. If you can make prepare yourself properly then you may get a better opportunity in Job field.

  186. bujte parcina, ki korbo daffodil valo hobe ki worried.:'( cgpa valo hole job pawa jai?

  187. vaiya…
    civil eng ar jnne kon private uni gulo valo hobe..
    plz..ek2 blben..
    thnk u.

    1. Author

      AUST>Asia Pacific>IUBAT

  188. New ekta privet university as like feni university theke jodi CSE pore then ki kono lav hobe ??? .. Er ore tar jonno kototuku valo hobe???pls advice ta diyen … ekhan theke bsc sesh korar pore ki bidesh jete parbe ????

    1. Author

      If you have any opportunity to get admit any top level privet university, then don’t get admitted those versity.

  189. Sir, ami private versity te (eng) hons korte chachsi. Kom khorochea kon versity te porti pari? Ami city university te admit hote chachsi. Plz give me your important opinion, I respect you and your answers. Thank you sir.

    1. Author

      City University? No chance! National University will be better than that.

      You should choice a minimum qualified versity. Otherwise, you will just got a certificate, nothing else. And that certificate may not help your career.

  190. stamford versity kemon civil er jonno ekon

    1. Author

      AUST, Asia Pacific and IUBAT is far better than that.

  191. vaiya pharmacyr jonno kon private university valo hobe?? kindly ektu bolbn plzz

  192. Vaia,valo kisu private university er name bolen,jekhan theke LLB kora valo hobe…please aktu taratari janan vaiya…….

    1. Author


  193. UAP te cgpa tula kothin naki easy

    1. Author

      Not really too hard. If you study regularly then you will carry a better CGPA.

  194. vai bubt theke cse pora kemon hobe?

    1. Author

      Not a good idea indeed. BUBT is actually good for BBA or business education.

  195. vaiya…civil eng a kn subject besi study krte hoy?
    math or physics!

    1. Author

      You can’t think Engineering without Math. So, it’s requires.

  196. independent university te computer science porte chai. Kemon hobe?

    1. Author

      Good enough. You may admit without any hesitation.

  197. vaiya,IUB ta english a honrs korla sata kamon hoba?

    1. Author

      I told earlier, IUB is a top ranked versity. They maintaining it’s best quality of every department they offered. So, don’t be worried.

  198. malaysia ta BBA korla kamon hoba ata janta chi
    result 8.88 both…

    1. Author

      I’ve no idea abut Study opportunity in Malaysia. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  199. hsc exam er por BSc in Cse or EEE korte koto year lagbe please answer.

    1. Author

      Basically The duration of BSC programs is four years (8 semesters or 12 trimesters).

  200. hello vaiya, amar gpa s.s.c. te 5.00 and h.s.c. te 3.90……….ami cse te porte chacchi…..kon versity te apply korle hobe janale valo hoy……:)

    1. Author

      Try at AIUB first. Then IUB, UIU and Daffodil

      1. 2 question…

        viya ami cse te porbo,,,akn kon ta te porle valo hobe,,? daffodil ,uiu,iub,, amar h,s,c result 3.90……r cse ar job place kmn bangladesh a,,,jodi valo na hoy tyle iubat ar mechanical kemon hobe?

        1. Author

          Go for Daffodil without any hesitation.

  201. Vaia, University ranking ki vabe kora hoy ? Students qualification dekhe na notun chokchoka boro boro building dekhe. R akhane university rank dekhe mone hosse… J university te joto besi khoros se university toto valo ebong number 1. Emon tai jodi hoy tahole to desher baire California/Harvard/stanford university thekhe pora valo world rank a number 1 .2.3…by the way, university level A/B/C/D etc. Deoyer kono odhiker nei apner… Ata UGC thik korbe r jader permanent campus nei tara kokhon o A level er university hote pare na. Permanent campus bolte shudhu 5/6 building noy…. Play ground,mosjid ,garden, big pond etc. Thakte hobe.uporer kono university te agula nei By the way, EWU kintu onek valo kintu er serial pore. Aber IUBAT&southeast kintu onek valo othoso er serial nei. Plz mind korben na, ami just sokoler vul dharona theke mukti dite chai…

    1. Author

      Didn’t you see NB in the below of post? Here your answer>> “[The ranking system is depends on students choice, there have no official ranking]”

      We know some student can become angry because of their versity isn’t listed here. We appreciate your versity Consciousness but really we have nothing to do. If your versity is doing well nowadays, then surely that will come in that list of student choice soon.

  202. Bro. ULAB ki top level university? Ami ULAB e chance paici, but jani na quality kamon(hospital er moto campus); amr icca EWU te pora, but ota miss hole(18Apr) onno kothao vorti hote parbo na. So recommend me plzzz

    1. Author

      You got chance at Ulab in which subject?

  203. Vaiya..
    Nsu Civil Eng. er jonno kmon?
    R bortomane kontar job mrkt ta beshi valo?
    CSE na EEE?

    1. Author

      CSE and EEE both are good in their particular job field.

  204. nsu,ewu te try korle ki hobena????? ami aiub te ekbar exam diecilam .written e allow hoi ar viva te dake kintu viva result e bad die dai………:( 🙁 ………viva te allow hoar kono suggestion dite parben???………thnx

    1. Author

      Don’t you know anyone who are admitted there recently? Or any senior brother who is running student? They may help you.

      Umm, You can try at EWU. NSU is famous one but everyone can’t adapt with there environment. So, choice yours.

  205. senior brother nai tobe amar ek frnd pore……ok thnx for ur help……….

  206. Cu mba better or nsu iub bracu ewu mba?

    1. Author

      I always prefer public University. If you got chance at any Public Uni then don’t think about privet University.

  207. Bro, For Bsc. economics konti better hobe IUB > UIU. Pls, bro ans me.

    1. Author

      IUB is far better than UIU for Economics. UIU is actually good for EEE.


    1. Author

      Try at UIU and EWU. Also you can try at NSU if you like to.

    1. Author

      There have no ranking for several subject. But, people knows which one are doing well in BBA or some other subjects.

      I can say, IUB if far good for BBA.

  209. my question is which one is the best for ETE.any idea

    1. Author

      As I said earlier, UIU and EWU among your mentioned versity.

  210. bro, Ame UIU te economics a chance peyechi. but, keo amk bolche,ame economics a pore kicho korte parbo na. amk BBA korar suggest korche. asole UIU theke economics er job market kmon. R present situation BBA kora Valo hobe na, economics a valo hobe. r UIU er economics demand kmon, Pls Vaia, Ans me. Pls,pls. I’m in critical situation.

    1. Author

      Actually I don’t have clear idea about Job field of Economics. But I can say, UIU is good one except their CGPA system. It’s very hard to carry better CGPA at UIU. If you can consider this thing, then for for UIU.

      [Listen, If you like to study in Economics, then don’t listen to others. You’re a man and you must should have your own choice.]

  211. Vaiya, ami uap te civil porte chai.. Kentu onek’ei bole bangladeshe civil er job pawa kotheen… Ami ekhn ke korbo?

    1. Author

      Don’t listen others. CIVIL has a big job field in bangladesh. Get admitted.

  212. bhaiya cse porar jonno eastern university/daffodil/uap/state university kemon hobe?

    1. Author

      I don’t suggest Eastern and State. You may go for Daffodil or UAP among them. But truly, AIUB is best for CSE.

  213. I want to admitted in Textile Engineering. I want to admitted in Primeasia University. Is my decision is right. If u give me answer i will be glad. Which university is best foe Textile Engineering?

    1. Author

      No, Your decision isn’t right maybe. You may think about SouthEast University. So far I know, Southeast Un