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All you know, Masud Rana is a fictional character created in 1966 by Qazi Anwar Hussain. Here is a list of Masud Rana series e-book collection and Download link.



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  1. All books are missing … please fix this issue ASAP.

    1. Author

      All links are updated. Thanks for your information.

      1. Masud Rana- Bideshi Guptochor- 2
        LINK ERROR
        PLS FIX THIS

  2. i am afan of masud rana

  3. need password for the book orokkhito joloshima. is there any default password..?

    1. Author

      Do not need any password. Just download it

    2. Shat rajar dhon by masd rana pl’s updated…

    1. Author

      We’ll upload more book of masud rana soon. Please allow some times. thanks

  4. orokhito jolosima<<<<<for unzip this book need there any default password ?

    1. Author

      We’ll update all books soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. Dable agent is missing.

  6. Orokkhito jolosima needs a password,plz provide that or else post the pdf format, Thank You very much for this enterprising effort,I am from Kolkata, Masud Rana series as anything, You people are just SUPERB,Thank You again

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