JSC/JDC(Junior School Certificate) Scholarship Result 2013 Bangladesh

SSC Result 2016
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Download JSC/JDC(Junior School Certificate) Scholarship Result 2013 Bangladesh


Junior School Certificate(JSC) & Junior Dakhil School Certificate(JDSC) Scholarship result 2013 will be published soon by Bangladesh Education Board.  The Scholarship result will be selected by education board in final exam.


You may Download full PDF file here



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    1. Author

      Board DHAKA
      Roll No 602307
      Result PASSED
      GPA 4.13

      1. Board Comilla
        Roll No 58218466
        Name Minhazur Rahman Maruf
        Result passed
        GPA 5.00

    2. jsc scholarship result kobe pabo? ekhon porjonto payni. plz,text me.

  1. My cousin got A+ in 7 subject in JSC under dhaka board(roll 356751) but unfortunately failed in math which is unbelievable. i applied for scrutinize the result through teletalk number but cant any reply whether pass or fail. would u please tell me when I know about the result or exact date of re-scrutiny result publish?? its my urgency….thanks(minhaj sojib)

    1. Author

      Result isn’t ready yet. You will get a SMS on your mobile phone when the result will ready.

  2. When would we get JSC scholarship 2013 result ? I’m from Sylhet.

  3. when would we get jsc 2013 result…. I am from rajshahi board

    1. Author

      JSC Scholarship result?

  4. When JSC scholarship 2013 result will be published?

  5. When and where will the JSC scholarship result publish?

    1. Author

      Not sure when will published but when we’ll get result from Bangladesh Education Board, we will published it here asap.

      1. Can you tell us the exact date of it?

  6. On which basis one will get a scholarship in Jsc-2013? I mean though lottery, handwriting,marks or other thing?

      1. Does scholarship require marks of Optional subject like home science or agriculture?Or only marks of science, english and math?

        1. Author

          Optional subject isn’t a fact on PSC or JSC level. They look up to all subjects.

          1. Ami Agriculture Mane Optional Subject e A Peyechi Kintu Baki Sobgula Te A+ Peyechi. Ami Ki Scholarship Pabo?

          2. Author

            Maybe no. They may count all individual subject.

  7. The scholarship result of PSC 2013 has been already published. My question is- how (on which method) one has been meritted by giving scholarship. If through marks, then where is the marks? We also want to know how much mark did my child obtained in the Examination?

    1. Author

      Scholarship depends on marks. Directorate of Primary Education do not publish marks that student carried. They just select best obtained marks to select for scholarship. It’s can be 90+ per subject or something like that.

      I checked the page called “Primary Scholarship Nitimala” but, there have no documents :s – http://www.dpe.gov.bd/?page_id=242

  8. When jsc scholarship result will publis? I’m from dhaka board. Roll-185370.GPA-5.00.
    Please send me the result of scholarship on my email.

    1. Author

      We will inform all of you here when the scholarship result will publish.

  9. Please tell me the exact date when jsc scholarship result will published?????

    1. Author

      Education Board do not announced anything yet. So, we can’t tell you surely.

  10. When the jsc scholarship result publish

    1. Author

      Will soon. Stay with us, wi will publish in time when we will get it.

  11. Is there any rule of getting scholarship on THANA basis?Actually in my PSC exam the marks that I got wasn’t able to give me scholarship, there was 7 marks less.But those who got less marks than me but attended exam from mirpur,Dhanmondi thana got scholarship.But I got more marks then them but i didnot get scholarship from Mohammadpur Thana.Does the same thing will happen this time?

    1. Author

      There have a certain quota for any scholarship for a upozilla or zone. This quota is being selected by Department of Primary Education.

  12. This is really a direct and i think illegal question too but I want to know from where do you get all this answers? Are You directly or Indirectly engaged with educational board? I’m SORRY for asking this question.

    1. Author

      No. We are not related to any govt. official educational movement. We’re just collect all educational news and events to serve here for you.

  13. When the jsc scholarship result will publis?I want to know the exact date publis the result.Please tell me the exact result date.

    1. Author

      How can we say the exact date where Bangladesh Education Board can’t say??

  14. When will the result of jsc scholarship be published? Plz answer soon.

    1. Author

      Education Board didn’t confirm about that. We’ll inform you when we will get any update.

  15. Ami Agriculture Subject E A+
    Paini Ami Ki Scholarship Pete

    1. Author

      I answered about that earlier. Please read some comment above yours.

  16. I got golden A+ so there is any possiblity to achieve scholarship

    1. Author

      Surely you will get Scholarship. Actually, You should be 🙂

  17. Where can we get the jsc result of 2012. the official website is showing result not found and when we will get jsc scholarship result of 2013. Plz, can u tell?

    1. Author

      It’s may not possible to find the scholarship result of JSC 2012.

  18. Please inform my scholarship result



    1. Author

      Scholarship result isn’t published yet.

  19. when the jsc scholarship result will be published? Even March is ending?

  20. koto bishoer upor britti dea hobe?

  21. What is doing Education Ministry? Why delay in publishing the JSC-2013 scholarship result?

  22. When I got the jsc schoolarship result?isn’t it published yet?

    1. Author

      No, It’s isn’t published yet.

  23. Please check the Roll 472062 Dinajpur,JSC scholarship

  24. Ami jsc te a+ peyeci under Barisal board. My roll is 190660. I’m waiting for scholarship result now…. So plz tell me when the result will be published? And email me when it will publish plz…..

  25. eSIF Form Filaup a picture option not ablebale

    1. Author

      For eSIF help, Please call 01977733557 and 01977733558 number. (Office time only)


  27. jsc scholarship results 2013 at rajshahi board roll 186374

    1. Author

      JSC Scholarship result for Rajshahi board did not published yet.

  28. I want to see my result..can you inform me..my roll is 439084,dhaka board

    1. Author

      Sorry, your roll no is not listed here. Maybe you didn’t got scholarship!

  29. My roll no. Is 105175……from sylhet board….can I know my result ?

    1. Author

      At this time, we can’t access the result file. Please check back tomorrow.

  30. Please check this Roll Number and send me the result…..
    Board: Barisal

    1. Author

      Barisal Board JSC Scholarship result didn’t published yet.

  31. Chittagong r J.S.C scolarship result of 2013 kokon pabo?kokon result published hobay?

  32. I want to see my scolarship result, can you informed me? My roll is 126046, sylhet board. {JSC 2013}

    1. Author

      Unfortunately We can’t open the result sheet of sylet board. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  33. Rajshahi board er result Kobe dibe?????

  34. vai rajshahi board ar britti result kobe dibe.

  35. rajshahi board roll 104691……….want to know my scholarship result

  36. jara jsc golden pai ni tara britti pailo kivabe ??? seroil school a 37jon golden and psc te thanai 1st , 2nd howa students thaka sortew kono britti nai kano ????? kano 1–10 roll ar moddhe helenabad and 1,2 roll p.n school a britti pai ni ???? doiya kore abar valo results sheet koren

    1. Author

      Scholarship ta actually upozilla based selection hoy. ei karone dekha jay kono kono upozilla te golder A+ na peye o scholarship paise student ra abar dekha jay kono kono upozilla te golden A+ peye o scholarship pay nai.

  37. rajshahi board ar scholership result koi ????

  38. dhaka board 2014 e xm disi..roll no 106415.schlrshp paisi nki kindly bolben???

  39. Amar bon jsc porikhhai 2014 te gpa 5 paise…. Ekhon amar question holo gpa 5 ar golden a+ er parthokko ki

    1. Author

      In general, GPA 5 means total GPA is 5 where one subject can be less then 5 but Golden GPA 5 means she got A+(5) all the subjects.

  40. How to i got a Golden A+ for Jsc exam…………..

    1. Author

      Work harder, study regularly and take advice from you teacher, that would be helpful for you.

  41. Ami optional A paice..ar sobgulota A+ Full result ki A+ NA Golden a+…………….

    1. Author

      No, it’s not Golden A+, you’ve got only A+

  42. 9th January’2016

    My son got A+ in 7 subject in JSC under Dhaka board (roll 663807) but unfortunately failed in PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH which is unbelievable. i applied for scrutinize the result through teletalk number tracking no J348249C waiting for reply whether pass or fail. would u please tell me when I know about the result or exact date of re-scrutiny result publish??
    Also please let me know in thank case he can admit in Class nine and fail subject can re-exam.

    its my urgency….thanks(Monirul)

    1. Author

      Result will come to your registered number when it will be ready. No publishing date announced yet.

      Umm, It’s difficult. You should talk to school to be confirmed.

      1. Dear Editor,

        Thanks for reply, result out date 31st January may be can you please confirm your end.

        Thanks // Monirul

  43. any update regarding result out date..

  44. JDC 2013 er scholarship result ta khub dorkar vaiya.DBBL chaitace,ekhon ki korbo,paitace na to.please vaiya sahajjo koren.please

    1. Author

      Not sure about that bro

  45. Please inform me, how many subjects will be able to get A+ to get GPA 5.00 in jsc ?

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