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Diploma in Engineering Result 2014 (2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th)

Diploma in Engineering 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semester exam 2014 result published. The exam was held in January, 2014.


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  1. Kazi Nazmus Sakib

    result when publosh, please tell us before

  2. Hi dear,
    When publish our 8th semester computer in 2014 result.
    Please tell me via my e-mail

    I appreciate you. Thanks

  3. When publise the rejult ? Please tell me .

  4. The results will be published when Bangladesh Technical Education.Please tell.

  5. Pleased published the diploma result.

  6. Why it is late.i think bteb do something about it.see the matter.

  7. When diploma in electrical 6th semister result published

  8. Bangladesh Technical Eduction Board Ar Result Published system Very Bad.Diploma Engineering Is Not Good Education System.I are Very Up set. plz Bteb do something and Published the diploma 8th semester Result 2014…………………………

  9. I think diploma in engineering result system is not good.When result is published please tell me.


  10. Result dite jodi etoi late joi taile result peye luv ki.

  11. bay result kokhon dibe…..

  12. pls publish the result

  13. what The fuck ur problem….Bteb…..

  14. taratare result dao, r partese na.pls pls give published rezult

  15. R kobe hobe result?

  16. when publish our 6th sem result

  17. Diploma 6th semister results 2014 kaba diba?

  18. Bai result deta ar koto din lagbe?

  19. Hi dear
    when publish our 6th semester computer result 2014
    please tell me vai my e-mail

  20. Result kobe pabo vai ???????????????

  21. vai kobor ki

  22. plz give me my 4th semister result electrical

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