Higher Study in Finland for Bangladeshi Students

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Planning to go Finland for higher study? Now, can’t decide what process is better for you? Well, Here I’m sharing some of my own experience about Finland.


First suggestion for you, don’t go any consultancy center. Use your own brain and work hard, it’s better for you. Many of the consultancy centers are fake. They are always trying to attracting you by different types of advertising. They also confirm you about your visa. But, believe me it’s totally hyprocasy.

 Study in Finland


You will get visa by your own eligibility. Nothing depends on the consultancy centers. Contact the regional embassy of the country where you want to go. They will suggest you about the procedure.


Keep in mind:

  • CGPA/GPA isn’t main factor for Finland. They observe your communication ability.
  • Choice University of Helsinki. It will be better for you. University of Helsinki is a top leveled university of Finland.
  • It will cost you about 3Lacks. Most of the Finish universities offer full free scholarship. If you want to take your first 6 months cost with you, that will be better for you.
  • You must carry a score of minimum 5.5 in IELTS to get Finland visa. But, if you really want to get admitted in University of Helsinki, you must carry score 6 in IELTS. Usually they don’t accept any student having the score of IELTS below 6.00.



Lots of student is studying Finland right now. Hope, you will one of them.


Best of luck

101 thoughts on “Higher Study in Finland for Bangladeshi Students

  1. Assalamualikaum
    I am 40 years old.
    Kindly refer to the subject. I am in doubt/ problem of selecting/finding out the suitable/appropriate subject and easily admissible college/university for masters program {sports/sales/marketing or any theoretical arts/social science related subject}.

    Kindly consider the following information

    01. easy subject
    02. easy application procedure
    03. less competitiveness in selection program
    04. any low/medium rank college/university
    05. maximum student admitting college/university
    06. Low/without IELTS required college/university

    Your kind cooperation is solicited providing list of subject and university/college at earliest

    1. Actually it’s too tough to suggest someone a subject. It’s better to find yourself online according to your choice and your background.

  2. Dear Admin,
    currently i am doing A levels. Is University of Helsinki is free of tuition fees?
    what are the minimum requirements do i need to get admission there? and GPA? can i apply for undergrad?
    please kindly inform me..

      1. thanks for your reply.. actually i didn’t gave exams from any institute, as I am a private candidate giving through british council in IAL.
        what minimum GPA is needed,for Undergrad Admission. please let me know.

  3. Hi, Im Mohammad Tarequr Rahman I’ve completed my MSS degree I’ve also completed IELTS & my score was 6.00 bt my IELTS exp date was 21/10/2013. I want to go to Finland for my higher study. Am I eligible to apply there by this IELTS certificate?? Plz inform me ………….

  4. dear admin,
    specially we whom completed their honours degree from national university of Bangladesh there is total course credit near 96.but its seems universities in Finland wants 180 credit from bachelor course……is it true? if it is then how can we apply for a masters degree in Finland?

    1. Actually I’ve not heard anything like that before. Better contract some universities there, many of your confusion will be clear.

  5. I have completed my olevels under edexcel, now i want to do a university foundation course at Finland. Is there any foundation course at Finland? How can i apply?

    1. Applying for visa isn’t the first step. Firstly you have to contact some university, If any university accept you and give you a offer letter, then you can apply for visa.

  6. Hi…
    I have a dream that..I’ll complete my B.B.A university of helsinki…and my IELTS score 6.0…
    But i dnt know how to apply?
    So any clue do you have?

    1. Search online, Apply to Helsinki. After getting admitted, contact with Embassy. The way isn’t too hard indeed.

  7. i passed my hsc in 2011 .now i want to study in finland my further study.how can i apply in finlands universities?????pls let me know how to aplly……….

    1. You have to carry minimum score 6 in IELTS exam. After that, apply to your desired universities. If you got chance anywhere, then finally apply for visa at Embassy of Finland.

  8. Greetings…I am Sujan from Dhaka.Thanks for your valuable information.
    I want to study in Finland.I don’t know where is the embassy of Finland in Dhaka.Please help me.Can I get your phone number please…Thanks.

  9. Dear admin,
    I am currently studying in BBA and planning to do my MBA from Finland university which has no tution fees. What is the amount i need to have in Finland Bank for my 1 year living cost and how much i need to show as Bank statement???..It will be very helpful for me if you provide me with these information.

    1. That’s depends on your position in there. Your scholarship percent, living quality, Place and many more. It’s kinda hard to say specifically.

  10. dear,hope you fine,,,,,,,could you please let me know if madrasah student can apply or not?is study gap accepted?

    1. A certain time study gap is acceptable but I’ve no idea about Mardasa background. Sorry for this inconvenience, We apologies.

  11. sir my ielts score is 6 and i completed secondary level with a+ and wt should i do now to get myself admitted in university of finland….should i have to give any exam nor i can get admission with my recent certificate

    1. You don’t have to do anything more. You have completed SSC and HSC and you have completed IELTS also.

      Now, choice a versity apply there. When you got admitted any versity then contact the embassy of Finland.

      For your concern, there have no Embassy of Finland in Bangladesh. You have to contact through Finland Embassy in India.

  12. I am government service holder. I would like to take postgraduate/ PhD degree. Please would you inform me what should I do for getting a full time scholarship.

  13. Dear Brother,
    Could you please tell me where the entrance exam will be held? Which University will arrange entrance exam in Bangladesh in 2014?I would be grateful

  14. I have completed my HSC this year & I have GPA-5 both in SSC & HSC and I have already appeared my IELTS & got 7. I am looking for 100% scholarship in Finland. Will i be eligible for that? & can you tell me the name of some universities in Finland in which i can get full scholarship with my present qualification?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Scholarship depends on your desired university. Contact with them, and discuss about your condition.

      Always I suggest “University of Helsinki” for Bangladeshi students. Try here

  15. Dear

    Thanks for your response you made for earlier query by others.

    I have completed my BBA (CGPA = 3.72/4 , Major in Finance ) and interested to pursue my Master in Finland. I scored 7 in IELTS. Is there any specific subject area that may increase the probability of getting visa in Finland. My preference is Masters in Finance. Would you please help me by providing your valuable response. I will be vary thankful if you please mention some universities name.

    I agree with you that i need to council with some consultancy firm just to get an overview. Is there any consultancy firm in Dhaka that works for Finland?


  16. Dear,
    First of all I thanked u.How r u?Hope u r well by the grace of almighty.
    Dear, i have passed HSC in 2013 with GPA-4.10 and SSC in 2011 with GPA-5.00 .Now I want to study in abroad in the sector of engineering with 100% scholarship.Will I get any scholarship?Please dear, I want to communicate with u via email.Please mail me.

    I will always wait for your coming mail.

  17. Hello Editor,

    I am a recent graduate in IT and wish to pursue a Masters degree in Finland and later settle there permanently. I have looked into some universities and will start application process by December, when their portal opens.

    An acquaintance of mine said that i need to sit for an entrance exam in Nepal (especially for BDeshi students) and then get the visa through New Delhi’s Finland Embassy. I am not too sure about its authenticy. Can you please clarify my doubt.

    Kind regards.

    1. I know they don’t have their embassy in Bangladesh and they are handling visa matters for Bangladeshi through New Delhi’s Finland Embassy. Not sure about Nepal :s

      Also I heard, The Embassy of Sweden in Bangladesh is handling the “Schengen visa” matters of the Embassy of Finland.

      You can contact with New Delhi’s Embassy about that through mail or phone.


      1. Thanks for the prompt response.

        The visa is not an issue for me. I dont mind getting it from New Delhi. But i need to be assured regarding the entrance exam in Nepal. Though i did not hear anything about it, my acquaintance is currently studying Bachelors degree in Finland and went through the same process as i earlier mentioned.

        I am expecting that you have studied/are studying in Finland and would have an answer regarding it. Or it would be kind enough to let me know from where i can confirm it.

        Kind regards.

  18. well, you said to contact with the Embassy for further info , but the thing is in Bangladesh they don’t have their Embassy. so, for the visa processing steps I have to go Delhi,right? or there is alternative solution to get the visa from Bangladesh?

    1. Yes, they don’t have their embassy in Bangladesh. But, The Embassy of Sweden is handling the “Schengen visa” matters of the Embassy of Finland. Not sure about student visa but you can try at Swedish embassy if you like to.

      Embassy of Sweden
      House 1, Road 51,
      Gulshan 2,
      Dhaka 1212,

      General opening hours:
      Sunday to Thursday:
      08.00 – 16.00
      +880-2-882 39 48

  19. Actually I want to know that ,’Is there any step for poor brilliant and highly ambitious student?” Actually Abroad is for rich student not poor. Poor students are mainly contact consultancy center for less money and then they are lost their valuable properties or everything. Their talent stop here. On the other hand, embassy ,oh no,’ do it ,do that money different task for visa,and need more money for that . Embassy process is very complex for me because of money.

  20. Dear Brother,

    I am studding in EEE final year,recently i know that higher study in Finland has full free tution fee,i want to complete my post graduation and want to stay there permanently,if i go there for higher study can i get per time job and what will be the cost for my graduation

  21. Dear Editor Brother,

    I am a graduate student of EEE in 4th year. i wanna do my Masters in Finland. Then I wanna stay there parmanently.

    but in studentship how about living cost ? How about Part time Job ?

    please give information brother here.

  22. btw I just read an article about Living cost in Finland.Its says its tough 4 Asian students like us to staying at Finland because of high living cost.What about part-time job opportunity for bangladeshi students there? The article says too that “the unemployment rate is high and most of the employer seek the people who know Finnish language.” So what will we do if we don’t know Finnish language? plz let me clear this fact!

    1. You must complete IELTS before applying for visa. And yes, You have to learn Finnish language but that not today. If you planning to stay there permanently, then you have to.

        1. Dear Roy, google mail says that your mail id isn’t correct and they returned my mail. I’ve tried 3times.


  23. Hey Editor…I wanna personally contact with u.Will u kindly give me ur active e-mail address or facebook profile link?

  24. Dear,

    I’m Md. Osman Ghoni , I’ve completed MSc(Physics) with BSc(Hon’s) and working as Merchandiser & Production Coordinator. I’ve a dream to take MBA degree University of Helsinki, Finland. Is it possible? If possible please help me by informing all Procedure.

    1. Surely you have quality to study in Finland. We suggest you to contact the regional embassy of Finland. They will suggest you about the procedure and that is the right way.


  25. Thanks a lot for providing this important information.Would u give other information about Finland,Admission procedure and other important matter?It will be helpful for us.

    1. We suggest you to contact the Embassy of Finland in Bangladesh. You can collect all update and necessary information,It’s will be helpful for you. Also they can give you the whole process step by step.

        1. Student visa is more easier than working visa in Finland. You have to carry 6+ score in IELTS. After finishing IELTS, go to the Finland embassy, they will tell you other process step by step.


        1. Unfortunately, they don’t have their embassy in Bangladesh. But, The Embassy of Sweden is handling the “Schengen visa” matters of the Embassy of Finland. Not sure about student visa but you can try at Swedish embassy if you like to.


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