Higher Study in Finland for Bangladeshi Students

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Planning to go Finland for higher study? Now, can’t decide what process is better for you? Well, Here I’m sharing some of my own experience about Finland.


First suggestion for you, don’t go any consultancy center. Use your own brain and work hard, it’s better for you. Many of the consultancy centers are fake. They are always trying to attracting you by different types of advertising. They also confirm you about your visa. But, believe me it’s totally hyprocasy.

 Study in Finland


You will get visa by your own eligibility. Nothing depends on the consultancy centers. Contact the regional embassy of the country where you want to go. They will suggest you about the procedure.


Keep in mind:

  • CGPA/GPA isn’t main factor for Finland. They observe your communication ability.
  • Choice University of Helsinki. It will be better for you. University of Helsinki is a top leveled university of Finland.
  • It will cost you about 3Lacks. Most of the Finish universities offer full free scholarship. If you want to take your first 6 months cost with you, that will be better for you.
  • You must carry a score of minimum 5.5 in IELTS to get Finland visa. But, if you really want to get admitted in University of Helsinki, you must carry score 6 in IELTS. Usually they don’t accept any student having the score of IELTS below 6.00.



Lots of student is studying Finland right now. Hope, you will one of them.


Best of luck

101 thoughts on “Higher Study in Finland for Bangladeshi Students

  1. The MBA program in Helsinki is quite costly and in fact they offer E(Executive)MBA, not the general MBA program, as far as Im concerned. Could you please help me giving any suggestion? I have other all requirements only except the tuition fees option.

    1. It depends on your course fee or how much you have to pay. It varies university to university, state to state as living cost differs.

  2. I want to a MBA degree from abroad. Which university is better for me???
    And any probability to get a scholarship and part time job in Finland??

  3. i am a student of business studies, so which university is good for me to apply………………….can you suggest me. It will be very much helpful for me. I am wanting a tuition fee free university and is University of helsinki a tuition fee free university.
    Thank you

  4. hi….i am a dentist…passed last year…now want to do my masters on public health……..but one consultancy firm told me dat..the doctoral degree od bd doesnt counted by finland…so i cant go there for masters….i hav to do my bachelor again…..if i want to go there…….

  5. Hello dear, I wanted to know if it is possible to apply for dependants while applying for student visa.. Or after can bring spouse . Thankss

    1. There have a way to take spouse with student visa. But I’ve not much information in my hand right now. Please talk with some senior brothers or a person who went there recently.

  6. Hello, many universities of Finland hold entrance exams for international students. My question is, how can a Bangladeshi student living here sit for an entrance exam? Do they take exams in Bangladesh?

    My another question is that, if I go to the Swedish embassy, will I be able to get my visa from there?.

    -Thank you.

    1. Not true. I know many students age going in this month to Finland those who didn’t need any exam! They just needed educational papers with IELTS.
      No, Swedish embassy only allow tourist visa for Finland. All others, you must have to go Finland embassy in India.

  7. Can I settle down in finland even after completing my masters or MBA programme. ?if it is possible, what’s the process. ..pls inform me as I am very much interested to apply for finland..?

  8. Hi,

    I am Noman and I passed my HSC in 2009 and then i completed my my 1st semester from EAST WEST university. After that i started a job and still i am doing job. So i have 5 years study gap. I scored 6 in IELTS.

    Now can i apply for undergraduate program in Finland. Please suggest me with few universities names.

  9. Bro,
    Thanks for your valuable post. I have 5 years study gap and i completed my HSC in 2009.
    I scored 6 in IELTS. Now I want to study in Finland in Bachelor degree. What can i do now.

    Please, Please advise me.

    1. Find an University as your choice and requirement, apply there. Follow the instructions they given in their website.

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