Dhaka University Student died drowned in a pond

student died in du pond

Dhaka University student Mahfuz Haidari AKA Rahi(21) is died by drowned in a pond in between Shahidullah hall and Fazlul Haque hall at Dhaka University Campus. This incident happened toady afternoon around 5pm.

Rohi was second-year student of the Physics Department of University of Dhaka. He’s from Kushtia.

His friends claimed that, he was taking bath on the pond and suddenly he sink under the water. His friends who was there in that time are called Fire Service for help, And Fire Service mans found his body in water.

He was quickly taken to Dhaka Medical College after found, but sadly, Doctors declared he is no more(Inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji’oon)

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