Bangla writing/typing tutorial using provat layout with avro keyboard

Bangla writing/typing tutorial

Many of people can’t write Bangla. They think, Bangla writing is a most difficult thing ever. But they are totally wrong nowadays. Avro makes easy to write Bangla. You know avro has most modern english to Bangla phonetic typing method. It’s easy but some of people are not comfortable with this layout because it’s kinda hard to type quickly.

Well, who things Phonetic is not for him and finding another; we are suggesting you a keyboard layout called “Provat”. You don’t need to install any other keyboard to using probvat layout. Just change your avro keyboard layout to provat and write.

how to write bangla


And now, you can’t write? oh surely you can’t do that because you have to learn provat keyboard layouts. And here it is. . .


how to write bangla

Those are general bangla words and the linked words are below. . .


how to write bangla



Let’s start learning and try to write Bangla. Hope you will do that easily 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bangla writing/typing tutorial using provat layout with avro keyboard

  1. vaiya amar PCr Firefox a bangla lekhata hojoborolo vabe ashe. tai ami kisui valovabe porte partesina. ami eta theke kivabe mukti pete pari ektu bolben ki please..

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