Top Best IELTS Coaching Center/Institutes in Bangladesh

IELTS Test Center Address in Bangladesh

The question can be arise that who is the best for IELTS coaching? Well here you will find your answer.

Say me first, do you really wants to learn something? What’s your current English level based on Speaking,Writing and listening?You are willing to take part in IELTS exam, so that I can assume that you are not in primary level. right?

Well, now the point is what actually teach IELTS coaching centers? Well, No coaching center will tech you English. They just make prepare yourself to face the IELTS test exam. They tech you how to face the exam board, nothing much more!

British Council and Saint Johns are most experienced in that field. You know British Council is also take the IELTS exam also. But that is a different section and there have no relation between coaching and exam section.

So, don’t think otherwise. Go for British Council or ST. JOHNs. They will help you with an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam properly and also they will provide you with the training and skills necessary to get a good score in the IELTS test.


British Council Offered

IELTS courses orient you to the examination, arm you with useful tips and strategies, give you practice in IELTS-type reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks, and offer feedback about which areas of your language you need to work on.  Courses available at both Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level, and now we even have a new pre-IELTS course for those at a lower level who want to start preparing in advance.

The courses will start on Friday 8 August or Saturday 9 August and end on Friday 26 September or Saturday 27 September.

These courses are 32 hours:  we’ve lengthened the duration of the courses on customer request! They meet once a week for two back-to-back lessons; 2 hours of class, then a break of 30 minutes, and then another 2 hours of class, for a total of 16 lessons in 8 weeks.

The available times are morning 8.30 am to 1.00 pm or afternoon 2.30 to 7.00 pm (4.30 to 9.00 pm on Sat in Uttara TC only).

The course costs Taka 16500.

For more, Please visit-


ST. JOHN’S Offered

  • First two months : 3 classes per week, 26 classes in total, 2 hours per class
  • Then 100 hours (5½ weeks) of Intensive Crash Programmer. 13 full length mock tests with explanations
  • Briefing on Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking Modules
  • Extra care for weaker students
  • Excellent environment and location
  • Extra facilities for female students
  • Morning, afternoon and evening batches
  • Course materials are provided
  • Crash programmer will be offered to the students until their target score is achieved

Course Fee : 11,500Tk

For more, Please visit –

295 thoughts on “Top Best IELTS Coaching Center/Institutes in Bangladesh

    1. Surely you can admit British Council for your IELTS preparation. They have two type of courses,

      >The course will cost you Taka 13500 (Excluding exam fee).

      >The course costs Taka 14500 (exam fee not included)

      For more information-

      Or you can contact directly their office.
      office address-

      1. Dear Editor,
        I am getting confusion about IELTS course. Which institution is the best one still don’t know. Some are saying that St. John is good one or some one are giving direct guaranty like 7+ or something like that. I am not going to make any arguments for good or bad institusions. I need good scores for scholarship. So please if somebody have any idea of Granters please mention soon. OOOh I do not want to go to BC due to my level of english. 😀

        1. If you don’t wanna go at BC then surely you should go for ST. JOHNs. Don’t go anywhere else if you really wants to do good.

        1. IELTS is just a Language testing test. So, in IELTS preparation curses, no one will tech you English. You should do basic English courses before going to IELTS course

      2. I want to go to Canada for working purpose via my relative’s offer, which course will be eligible for me. I have passed SSC but not yet complete HSC examination.

    1. We don’t say Mentors is good or bad for IELTS. We just focused some extra benefit of ST. Johns tutorials.
      Remark: You can go and get help from St.Johns at any time after admission until your target score is achieved. That means, If you admit there once, You are a student of there for always 🙂

      1. i m weak in english….can i join in british council or st.johns for my speaking course…if i can …. so how much cost i have to bear in 1 years….

          1. Assalamualaikum.. This is Naimul Hoq, From Chittagong.. Dear Admin, I would like to be skilled in all 4 sectors(reading, writing, listening & speaking). I was thinking of getting myself admitted into an Ielts coaching center. But I am good in speaking and writing only but not too much good in that 2 sectos as well and weak in reading & llistening.. That’s why now I am totally confused to get ielts.. Actually I can’t understand now what to do to be skilled in all 4 sections due to unavabilability of such a COACHING CENTER that helps me to be skilled & achieve my goal…
            Could you please recommend me such an institution or Ielts coaching center or give any suggestion that helps me to go ahead towards achieving my goal ?…………

          2. In that case, make a practice partner who practice with you. talk with him, exchange your knowledge.

            I don’t have any idea which coaching centre is good in Chittagong. Sorry for any inconvenience.

          3. Assalamualaikum.. This is Naimul Hoq, From Chittagong.. Dear Admin, I would like to be skilled in all 4 sectors(reading, writing, listening & speaking). I was thinking of getting myself admitted into an Ielts coaching center. But I am good in speaking and writing only but not too much good in that 2 sectors as well and weak in reading & listening.. That’s why now I am totally confused to get Ielts.. Actually I can’t understand now what to do to be skilled in all 4 sections due to unavailability of such a COACHING CENTER in accordance with my awareness that helps me to achieve my goal…
            Could you please recommend me such an institution or Ielts coaching center or give any suggestion that helps me to go ahead towards achieving my goal ?…………

      2. Dear admin I want to go abroad for my higher study but my english skill level is not so good. I have very short time to go abrod.I am told to finish my OELTS within february to march so which coaching center will be the best for me please tell me I’m waiting for reply i need immediately your reply…..

        1. Try at British Council or Saint John’s. That would be good. And yes, you have to do a lot of hard work to get a better score on IELTS within that short period.

      1. this is minhaz .i am weak in english, but i want to take preparation in ielts .Now i am confused how i will get preparation for ielts.plz any idea.

        1. Not at the very first time. You should learn english well and then can go for IELTS. IELTS course never tech English, they just practicing you to get better score in IELTS exam.

  1. i”m too much weak in English but I want to do IELTS for go abroad to do study,what kind of facility you give for weaker student?

  2. Dear, I am interested to go to abroad for study that’s why i will start IELTS preparation course. But i did not knew who is the best institute for this study. Please convey with me. I want minimum 7 score.

    1. You can contact on 01**** (Phone number deleted by- @Editor )
      You will get your desire score very easily.


      [Personal phone number publicly given is strictly prohibited– @Editor]

  3. Hi I was a previous student in st jones 2007. I am in australia.
    I want my younger brother to learn some general or advance English for his upcoming bachelor study in Bangladesh. Is st jones offer any of course other than ielts. I’ll be very happy if u let me know ASAP. Thanks.

  4. I am a job holder. I want to admit IELTS course in your Institution. But I have no enough time to take this course without Friday. So how can i join this course ?

    1. Dear, Please note that, We’re not the authority of ST. JOHN’s tutorials. We’re just education based informer or adviser.

      For this situation we always refer to ST. JOHN’s office. Please contact with them. And I guess, they should have option for Job Holders.


    2. I am a job holder. I want to admit speaking and writing course in your institution. Friday and Saturday is my closed day . Do you have any option to complete the said courses on mentioned day please inform me along with total tuition cost and time.

      Thank you,

      Md. Munir Hossain

    1. Please contact this number for details- 01733718287 . or visit ST. JOHN’s office.

      5/4,Block-D, LAlMATIA

        1. Saifur’s are doing worst nowadays. They’ve made this institute just a business platform, It’s not a educational institute anymore!

    1. You can entry anytime into any batch whatever its running. Contract to ST JOHN’s office. They will tell you clearly.

  5. Dear Editor, you yourself have made some errors in some of your responses; they all are when grammar is concerned. Was it just lack of attention? Just curious. Keep Cool. I know you aren’t gonna publish it. And yes, I went to St. John’s once, they are not much of a help. Only young girls are allowed as instructors of whom I’m doubtful enough whether they themselves took the IELTS or not. I guess they are recruited only because of their English medium academic background. I may be wrong though. 🙂

    1. That’s not all of my attention problem! FYI, I’m not from English medium School like you 😉 .
      ^^You are wrong here! I published it with my reply 🙂

      And yes you are right but if you can consider those lady instructors, ST.JOHN’s will be better for you/people than others.

      Thanks for your valuable comment Sir.

      1. Yeah, I see you’re really nice and from now on, I’m gonna visit your website every now and then! You got me here! 😀

        and FYI, I’m not from English medium background either. 😉

        You’re welcome 🙂

    2. what if I say that “are” is even right… Mr. Kukulkan….. take that “all” as adverb and the comma is hidden….. stay cool

  6. @KukulKan,

    Ya! you are right,thanks for sharing. You told right scenario of st. Jones,
    I am searching info about who provides best IELTS/English language course in Dhaka.It was known to me that St. Jones is best but i heard through my calgs. from one of current students of St. Jones that some good teachers left St. Jones so i am in doubt their present teaching performance, i also gone Mentors talked saifurs, British council. I think all of us, who are writing there have a level to speak/write in English but may have not fluency or may have problems in grammar or no strong vocabulary. In my personal opinion maximum organization don’t provide Extra room/environment for their students to talk/discuss/practice their lessons among classmates, I have a lot of resource to learn English but why i have to go to learning center bcz of discussion/practice. In my office there is no environment to talk in English.Some of my calgs. flat mates as well fnds. feel uneasy to speak in English, that’s why discussion/talking is very important for us.I can read & reply my email in English but i face problem when i hear something from foreigner lot of experts suggests to see movie/Drama. It is a bit difficult to see movie/self-study for a job holder as well for a bit lazy men on the day-end.

    Finally i want to say we shouldn’t go to coaching center only for IELTS score perhaps you will be able to achieve to follow some techniques/guidelines for IELTS exam but it doesn’t prove that you are very well in English.I want to learn English so that i can listen & speak fluently with any foreign peoples with their accent along with good uses of appropriate word to make each sentence more meaningful.

    Is there any guy who can explain the scenario as well quality of British council ,I know they have various course according to learners level at first u have to face placement test to enroll in a course. I heard their teachers are not friendly although some peoples said me BC is best than others!

    @ Editors
    In this situation could you pls. suggest me any institute as per my above opinion.

    1. Actually, I don’t know the present situation of ST. JOHN’s. Maybe your are right or no!!

      If you really don’t like to go ST. JOHN’s, then surely the other option is British Council. I never recommend saifur’s for their commercialized teaching method.

      Go for British Council and GOOD LUCK.

      1. @ Zahir;
        I am a retired united Nations International Staff. I can suggest you from my own experience that you should listen BBC radio at least 1 hour daily. Get an FM radio or any other device that can pick BBC news and other English programmes connect it with your headphone and listen, even while working at home. This will significantly improve your listening and understanding capacity. Cheers.

    2. It’s really nice when you know someone shares the same thought as you, na? 🙂 Thanks Mr. Zahir for your appreciation to my opinion. And yes, a 🙂 again.

      I myself have a plan of going to British Council for the final preparation if I do. After all, the authority should know at least a little better, right? I heard they evaluate you first to assess your current skill and then admit you with the proper mates. It really matters as you know you will feel discouraged if you are among those people whose skills do not actually sync with yours.

      I myself still am a student and rather taking my preparation being my own boss here. 😀 I have downloaded and printed a couple of books on IELTS for I want to know it first. I have a plan of scoring straight 8’s if God permits.

      Mr. Zahir, I would like to suggest you may consider preparing yourself for say 1 or 2 months on your own and then go for BC or something like that. It will give you better understanding if you are not happen to be a newbie like me. And find someone to practice with, this the key that mostly works.

      Thanks 🙂

  7. Hello friends
    i am lucky to read all of you. i am also looking for a best ielts preparation course center. In the mean time i already search and observed many institutions. i am glad to covey you all that never looking the bad side or is that appropriate for you or not. We all knows about module of IELTS but why we go such kind center ???
    It’s for knowing the way in which way we can get better. So i suggest never find short coming of any center just look yourself and find out what you want? what you need? and then go any center not for good score just for knowing the ways and rules, regulation.
    thanks for giving time.
    Hasan Gazi

  8. hi!
    I am a undergraduate student and want to accomplish my IELTS program with good points.
    As i m living in Baridhara Bashundhara area, which will be the best institution for IELTS program around my living area for me?
    Can anyone suggest me plz :'(
    ( I am also weak in English)

  9. dear editor, suppose I make ielts score 7 or 7.5. can I get a scholership from top ranked universities like Australia, Newzland, Canada, USA, UK, Japan only top ranked universities (MBA).
    and my earlier educational background not bad.

    1. Scholarship doesn’t depends on IELTS score only. It’s mostly depends on your desired university and your educational background. But, Yes IELTS is a fact here.

    1. Practice is the best solution for learning English. Also you can take help from any reputed English teaching institute.

  10. I wanna be a student of ST. JOHN’S TUTORIAL for IELTS. I told my father about IELTS course at ST. JOHN’S TUTORIAL. He told me that it’s just waste of to admit in any IELTS course. He won’t provide me the money. But I wanna improve my English by IELTS. I have 5000 tk at present. Is it possible to admit with this amount. I know it’s a poor figure but I am helpless. I can’t arrange more and I have nothing to do. If u let me admit with this amount I will be greatful to you. Pls help me.

  11. hlo i was a student of ST. JOHN`S.My admission date-14 january 2009…i had admitted for ordinary course of ielts…i could not achieve my expected skill…as u remarked:”You can go and get help from St.Johns at any time after admission until your target score is achieved. That means, If you admit there once, You are a student of there for always”…so am i yet a student of ST. JOHN`S and can i repeat my course..??..

      1. Dear Editor,
        I am very upset.
        Recently I got admitted in Ged center at dhanmondi .this institute is bull sheet. I can score 4/5 with there teaching.
        U told to practice more and more to devlop English but I am job holder. Do not have time for practice. I need a good teacher who can level up my speaking,writing score. From 4to 8.0 pls give sugessition.

        1. Enough time is really a fact for practicing English? I told earlier, You can talk with you! You can talk in mind. When you are in “adda” with your friends, talk English with them.

          ^And yes, A it’s became more easier if you got a best teaching/teacher. If you do not satisfied with GED Center, then go for another.


  12. I’m so much weak in english thats why i wanna develop my self . I heard from one of my friend that ST.Jones will better for me . so i would like to admit here immediatly . so now what i have to do ? And how much money i have to pay for this ? and what can i do now i wanna admit immediatly so plz inform me soon

    1. You can admit “SPOKEN & WRITTEN ENGLISH” course at first. This course designed as 3 months, 3 days a week and 36 classes in total.
      Course Fee : 7,500Tk

      Contact with ST. JOHN’s to get admit.


  13. i don’t have any tv in my, i can’t watch english news or movie.practice class in st.johns will be enough to practice?

    1. TV show isn’t only one method for practice. You can watch English movie on laptop, listen English songs and speak with your friends or mate.

  14. I was a student of st.john’s in the year 2007/2008 and do registration for IELTS exam. but any reason,i can’t make i like to continue my English learning journey with st.john’s.however fact is that i don’t have any admission document that period. so what should i do now?

      1. yes,you are that case what st,john’s will do from their side? do they help me to find my that period student st.john’s.thank you.

  15. i need to learn basic english specially writing skill and basic grammer.Need to suggestion pls.

    Have any branch in Uttara that helpful for me?

  16. hi i m Sabina Easmin .Professionally i m a staff nurse .at present i m working in Saudi Arabia as ICU i want to attend
    in IELTS exam but need course for a month atleast.but my problems is i can not come in Bangladesh
    to attend any i m looking for online there any online course in Bangladesh?if its available then please provide a mobile number.thankyou.

    1. No, there have no online IELTS course in Bangladesh. But, you can prepare yourself by googling. There have many helpful instruction in online for IELTS preparation. No matter where from you giving IELTS, Everywhere is almost same procedure to take exam.


  17. What is the medium of instruction in St. John’s. I have been informed that British council provides instructions in English. And another question is for the professional person, what is their schedule? Can I have this answer through my mail. Thank you.

  18. I want to practice only written part. other part is ok. how much the cost for one part. please replay me as soon as possible .

  19. I live at khilgaon.which is the nearest & better institute for IELTS.I want to study abroad . What is the minimum score should i have get ?

    1. I’ve no idea about Khilgaon area. ST. JOHNs is at Lalmatia and British Council is at Dhanmondi and Uttara. None of near at you.

      It’s vary on country and university. But, average band score 6 is standard.

  20. hi, i want to admit saifur’s for ielts but when i heard that their commercialized teaching method and ST Jones is doubtful to others then i am quiet hesitate for my future step. I am so weak in English. Plz help me anybody….What should i do….?

      1. i am outside from dhaka but want to prepare for ielts.i am in rangpur and without saifurs here is not any other good coaching online ielts preparation is enough?is st johns have any website?

        1. ST. JOHNs has web portal but they don’t teach online.
          Yes, You can get too much resource in google for IELTS but it’s depends on you that how much you can take them and make prepare yourself. Helping from a coaching centre would be better for you.

        1. I’ve question and very doubt about the teaching method and commercial level of Mentors. I don’t like to suggest people to a 3rd class institute!
          The visitor of ResultBangla are in a family. And It’s my responsibility to give all of them a better suggestion.

      1. I heard st johns or british coucil are effective for those people whos background is in english medium….is that true?we who r from middle class family want to learn english ours best option is saifurs or others..what do u say?suggest me please..

        1. I don’t think so. English background students will never go to any English Coaching center to learn English!
          Saifurs was good, but not now. They are just doing business now, do not think about education quality.

  21. I am a service holder & live in chittagong . I am interested to ILTS so I want to complete ILTS coach in your institute in evening batch. So please inform to about details.

    1. ST. JOHN’s do not have any other branch. So, you have to try another institute. Go for British Council, that will be better for you.

      British Council Chittagong Branch
      Rafique Tower
      8th Floor, 92 Agrabad C/A

      phone: + 880 (0) 31-2530015-21

    1. There have some Cambridge IELTS resource books in market. You may follow them. But, If you are in any coaching center then you should follow their own suggested books or materials

        1. Actually I don’t have any Idea about Mymensingh area. You may contact with sifurs. They might have branch at there.

  22. I’m completed my hsc in 2013. Actualy I don’t know about ielts clearly. Well, if I’m get the score 6 from IELTS exam, then how and which class I can admit myself in a foreign country. Plz give me a elaborate ans. I want to know, thank you.

    1. Before get admit IELTS, You should improve your English skill. I can see here that you have too much lack in English.

      Remember, IELTS means International English Language Testing System. Where no one tech you English. They just guide you how to get better score in IELTS, nothing else.

  23. Hello.
    I would like to share few things here, nothing personal, no grudge against coaching centers as well.
    If you think you are good at english, which I mean as if you are using the language on daily basis, then going to coaching institutes to get a particular score for IELTS is advisable. Otherwise it is totally a waste of MONEY, TIME and HOPE. Seriously, if you cant speak english properly how on the earth will Bangladeshi english speakers from english medium schools help you get band 7 or above with few hours of lessons? They are not magicians for sure.
    Firstly, to prepare for IELTS, my suggestion would be giving yourself handful of time to know the language confidently and use it without fear or hesitation. After coming to this country, its a shame to see people not speaking english often, and those that use , are not so confident.
    Secondly, practice practice practice for REAL. Don’t just read and write from grammar books. Its totally a nonsense. You are not going to give an exam at school and fly around with your mark sheet. So STOP learning from grammar books. When I say practice it means to repeat what you hear from english speaking sources. Listen 2 times, repeat 20 times. Then apply the sentences elsewhere.
    Then, the big factor that every1 thinks is very COOL in english is the ACCENT. God, do not concentrate on accents. There are millions who uses neutral accent. You must have heard of American accent, Canadian accent, British accent, Australian accent and so on. But did you know that there are tonnes and tonnes of accents within a country itself? In London every county’s people speak in different tones and accents. You cannot go around mimicking all sort of peoples tones and voices and call it a BRITISH or AMERICAN or XYZ accent. Listen to CNN, most of the reporters are Americans yet there are differences in their accents.
    So don’t focus on ACCENT, rather be COOL with your pronunciation. A lot of people cant pronounce words correctly and they brag around with tongue twisted like rollercoaster and show off with accent. Which is totally ridiculous. You have to be very brave with your pronunciation. There are free websites which provides audio for words that are pronounced in Britain and America. You can pick any one and just listen to the words very carefully and try to speak and record everything that you say and compare.
    This is a very cool way of learning the language with confidence. If your pronunciation is improper and you are having a classic British accent, you will be a laugh infront of the listener. So do not worry about the accent, as long as you are using the words correctly. For example – CHAIR, a lot of people in this country says it CHEEAR. This is wrong. Totally wrong. It is CH-A-IR (CHAEER). So ultimately, when lot of people try to dub the english into bengali they write it as CHEEAR in bengali (sorry I couldn’t type in Bangla font).
    So use the words correctly and perfectly.
    Finally, the GRAMMAR. So what if you are not a native english speaker. Even the british whites and american whites, they do not speak english with perfect grammar. So don’t be strict with grammar while speaking for everyday use or just exams that will help you with immigration. Unless, you are studying for SAT or Alevel exams or you are writing your thesis. Be calm with grammar, no one is going to punish you for using wrong grammar in a shopping mall. But ofcourse don’t make a fool out of urself by using words here and there to make a sentence. Just don’t be toooooo STRICT with your language.

    Final tip: Learn dialogues and sentences from British council videos in YOUTUBE and other news speaking channels. Very good for using everyday!

    Good Luck to all that are preparing for English exams.
    Have a bright future.

  24. Dear all,

    Before giving payment & admitted to any IELTS coaching centre please check first whether they have good coaching environment, room and sitting condition with equipments (for listening part), coaching materials, history of centre with students success etc. Someone I know recently cheated from Liakats at Lalmatia which has poor sitting arrangement, insufficient fan in the room with this hot weather and book materials which promised initially not provided later. Teaching style is not up to the mark compared to todays competition. And frankly speaking there is no magic method and all bull shit marketing gimmick. Please stay away from such IELTS coaching centres. It is better to check few classes for free then proceed for any payment if they allow you so.

    1. I have bitter experiane about liakt’s. I was astonished how the cheater continuing the business in this area. Such kind of vampires make demolishes someone’s stamina about IELTS. I just paid without continuing and restrained from myself with illegal activity as I m from descent family.

  25. hi,i am habib from jessore.i got cgpa 3.95 out of 4.need good IELTS score for top scholarship.have any branch in jessore?and ST. JOHN”S have any link to university to access good scholarship?

    1. First of all, S. T. JOHN’s have no other branch. They have only one branch in Dhaka at Lalmitia. In that case, You can admit at British Council at your nearest branch Khulna.

      Secondly, S.T. JOHN’s do not offer any consultancy service.

  26. Dear admin, with due respect, after going through your replies it seems that you are working as agent for St. John’s!!!

    1. You can think sir! But from my end, always I try to give best suggestion to students. That’s not business to me.


    2. He is not giving any info about mentors….it seems like there are only two coaching centers in BD…yes he talked little about Saifurs(negatively…but appreciate it)…but nothing about mentors… I wanna know about it

      1. I’ve question and very doubt about the teaching method and commercial level of Mentors. I don’t like to suggest people to a 3rd class institute!
        The visitor of ResultBangla are in a family. And It’s my responsibility to give all of them a better suggestion.

  27. i want to go aboard education in any European country.but i am not good in English. my education background ..ssc and Diploma in civil engineering. Now what i can do..??which centre is perfect for me to achieving target. Which is convey necessary of …IELTS/TOFFLE/GRI sat.

    1. You have learn more before going IELTS. Remember, IELTS is just a testing system, where no one tech you english. They just prepare you for exam.

      In that case, you can do some courses like- Speaking, Writing, grammar etc.

    1. ST. JOHNs doesn’t have any other branch. In that case, British Council is the last reassurance at Uttara.

      British Council at
      Trust College, Uttara.
      Plot-36, Road-5 Sector-13
      Uttara Model Town

  28. Hello

    I want to practice IELTS and I am looking for a good IELTS couching. Can anyone advice me which couching will be best other than St,jhons or BC. I want to know about other couching centers. I heard about Mentors and Wings. How are these centers for IELTS? Does anyone give me the idea or advice about these two?

    1. If you really wants to learn something, then you should think about ST.JOHN or British Council. I can say that, ST.JOHNs and British Council isn’t much commercial like others.

  29. i m really too much confused… can i plz know which coaching will be the best for ielts?? 🙁

  30. I am preparing myself for site IELTS examination GM,So we all are known that to get High score in IELTS exam group discussion and practice is crying need. I am a job holder and there is limited time to take preparation like after 6.00 pm and Friday and Saturday. Have any partner to take IELTS prepartion in a group in dhanmondi Panthapath and green road area.Just mail me

  31. i want to written and speaking course . which institute is better for this course….. i am week in english for this reason i cannot selected which institute is better for me to improve in english plz help me

  32. I got 6.5 in IELTS GT Module but need more than 7. So………. Any study partner can contact with me in dhanondi area for help each other. Mobile 01937404570

  33. Is there any new batch for IELTS after Eid Ul Azha in Saint Johns Tutorial. If there, from which date? Please inform me.

  34. sir,I am student of Chittagong polytechnic institute

    I am eagerly want to study abroad and I also got a golden a+ in ssc

    but the problem is if I some how pass the IELTS exm before completing my diploma

    then can i get the oppurtunity to complete bsc abroad
    without completing my diploma

    1. Without completing Diploma? Want to go for intermediate course? That’s tough though! Best suggestion is, Complete your diploma, and then try abroad. That will be good for you.

  35. hi….
    i have pass HSC examination. i m very week in English. now i want to improve my English skill. is IELTS choching help me to improve my English & confidence level?????

    1. No. In IELTS coaching, they will not teach you how to improve your English. They just tech how to get a better score in IELTS exam.
      You can do other English courses. IELTS will not help you.

  36. Hello There!! I at first want to know what’s the difference between TOEFL and ielts . Which countries are each of them valid. Also, where can I gets TOEFL preparation coachings. Thank you.

    1. Yes, ST. JOHNs has this kind of facilities but maybe that service only for their student. I’m not sure, you may contact with them.

  37. Hi there
    I’ve got 2 cousin brothers. They are in class 7. They want to do spoken course complied with English grammar. Could you please suggest for them a institute in Dhaka.

  38. hi bor, i wamn to admitted to ST johns but i don’t know how to start ILTS course, because i am very poor in English. i hope to carry score 7 but how please inform me

    1. In IELTS course, no one will tech you English. They will just tech you how to get a better score. If you think you are poor in basic English, then take any Pre-IELTS course. That will helpful for you

  39. Hello, I want to do the IELTS course with my wife at your institution on Friday only. Can it be done? If so, can i pay the fess in 3 month installment. That would be great for us.

    Fazle Rabbee

    1. Saint Josh and British Council both are not allowing instalment. So, you have no option here.

      And yes, they have friday classes for Job holders.

  40. Hello…i am weak in spoken and written in English. i need a proper guidance to be the best or fluent in spoken and written in English. please tell me from where and how can i get rid of that? My choices are st. johns and British council. but around 16000 how can i manage this? is there necessary to me doing IELTS for recovering these weakness or only spoken and written course is needed separately? Please inform me..

  41. Hello, I am running in BBA .I want to IELTS preparation, registration from British Council ,What is the duration & total cost will be expense British Council in Uttara centre.


  42. hello i want to doing ielts but i m confused which academi is best plz tell me i want to go australia now what i do? i m week in english,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz tell me saifurs or st jhon;s or british council,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  43. What about ‘Wings Learning Center’ ???????? As far as I know they follow Australian curriculum. Will it be good to admit there?
    Wishing to have a feedback from you as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Australian Curriculum for IELTS? Seriously? :/

      Don’t get panicked, go for British Council or ST. JOHNs if you wanna learn something.

  44. (1) ST. JOHNs is too far for me, cause i live in jurain near postogola, & they have no brunches.
    (2) For British Council my budget will be crossed.
    So, I’m choosing Mentors for Ielts…. what do u think?….pls advise me…

  45. I did a IETLS crash course in Saifur’s back in 2011 and after 3 years later, in December 2014 I gave the IETLS test. When I registered for the exam, I knew I had to study but since I am extremely lazy, I couldn’t take the necessary preparation and I did pretty bad in the exam. I ended up with 6.5. I needed at least 7 for applying in the desired university. So I am looking forward to give that test again but this time, with a bit more preparation. The problem i found in the coaching centers is that, they are extremely commercialized and they explain everything in Bangla. The pronunciation of the fellow students are not standard as well. We learn more when we listen to proper english. I watch a lot english tv series, I watch those for my own amusement, not for learning english, but watching english movies and series again and again, have had an impact on my mind. I love to learn the english in subconscious mind. And I am very careful about the pronunciation. And also I don’t like British Pronunciation but IELTS is based on british pronunciation and I have no choice but to hear it.

    I stay in moghbazar and St.Johnson is in Lalmatia. I am not pretty sure whether it would be an idea decision to travel out this long distance for unknown amount of quality of coaching.

    P.S. I have finished my undergrad from NSU recently and I have some sort of free time now, really don’t know for how much long but I want to capitalize this time with experiencing quality english and also want to invest my time for a good score. Please suggest me should I look for a coaching center and if I so, which one will be worth for it?

    1. You wrote around 300 word here, without any doubt I must say, your English(Writing) is smarter than me.

      I suggest you to study yourself, talk your self or a mate. You already got 6.5 in first time try. I can ensure that, if you study a little more, you will get more than your expectation. You don’t need any coaching centre, I guess. So, don’t waste your money and time in traffic jam.

      But If you really like to, you can choice B.Council. Their main branch is at Fuller Road. It’s near to you, maybe.

  46. I am writing to u regarding the matter of IELTS exam. Would you please let me know who can provide me this course by one month. I have only 28 days for this course rather then I’ll loose my job, even a good teacher can teach me privately. Would you please give me your advise and send me a good teacher’s mobile number so that I can easily contact with him/her. If anyone provide 5/6 days teaching in a week and 4/5 hours in a day so that it helps me to complete the course by one month, I don’t mind if it is helpful for me.
    Kind regards

    1. Need to know Why are you wan’t to give IELTS exam? You said that It’s required to your job but It’s not clear how?
      Is you really need to pass IELTS exam or to learn English communication?
      If you need to communicate in English, then why IELTS? Go for any other English course and practice more and more.

      Sorry, We don’t suggest any specific teacher. You have to find it yourself. thank you.

  47. I admitted st John’s in 1st June 2015
    I complete my hsc last few days ago .But now I m in frustration. Can st John’s carefully prepare me for ielts exam ?
    And the materials all in English. How can I practice in home ?

    1. Don’t get frustrated. Keep believing yourself.
      Follow the instruction from teacher and do more practice, and learn hard. You will do your best, I hope.

    2. Tell your teachers that you are a Bangla Medium student. so the teacher should explain everything in simple Bangla and English.

  48. Hello there,
    I was a student of ST few years back but their problem is, they don’t teach anything. They just take exams and checked copies. They do not teach any lessons or technique.

    Am I right?


  49. Dear Sir:


    Would you please suggest best spoken English training center for weaker students.

    1. Go for British Council, they will take a test from you before taking admission. And you will get a section according to your test result. They actually make Week to week and strong to strong student section. So, no worry

  50. Dear Sir:

    I am waiting for your valuable reply. Please let me know which institute is the best one for spoken English course for weak students.

  51. How I can learn to write & spoke in Grammatical English. Which one book I will follow for English learning and which technique or method I will maintain? Please let me know which institute is the best one for written & spoken in Grammatical English course for weak students.

  52. I want to IELTS group study partner who are living near dhanmondi or science lab. pls inform me here is my cell no.01689210253. if we coninue our study perfectly that proviode me awesome help.

  53. Hi, I have listening and speaking problem with foreign delegate. What course will help me to overcome this problem. Have any coaching center at Uttara, Dhaka. Please advice me asap.

    1. Listen a lot, watch movie without subtitle to recover your listening. And make a partner to talk, that would be more helpful than a coaching centre.

      Or do a IELTS course at British Council or St. Johns

  54. Hello 🙂
    I am weak in English….plz suggest the name of some general english course before IELTS which are available in british counsil and st.johns…and plz also mention the cost of the courses…!!

  55. Dear Sir,
    One of my colleagues got himself admitted into British Council and after completion of his course he shared him experience with me that in his batch everybody was fluent and their grammar was good and the only reason to go there was to say that they are trained from British council. And from St. Jones tutorial, few people said it is good for IELTS practice not for preparation. Therefore, there is a little gap. Someone with weaker background should not go to St. Jones either. I think wherever the learners go, there should be given few free classes so that they understand the teacher as the teacher is a key factor not the institute. Sorry to say that I myself is also teacher, a lot of students who got admitted into St. Jones later came to me through reference. I am extremely sorry if I hurt you. Many thanks.

    1. That topic is about best coaching centre not the best way to get better score in IELTS. So, we suggested best 2 coaching centre for IELTS.

      If you can read most of the comment here, you’ll see that sometimes I suggested some people to prepare him by self. We never suggest anyone to go a coaching centre first.

      We glad to hear that you are a teacher, and surely we appreciate your comment Sir 🙂

  56. Dear Sir:

    U told, St. Jones is best coaching center bt not the best way to get bettr score for IELTS. I m searching the second option . Do u know that type of organization who teaches the technique to get bttr score @ IELTS ??

  57. Hi,
    This is shaon from dhaka.
    There are so many institutions in dhaka city whom are offering a lots of advantages for the students. And also they are taking a small amount of money then St. Johns/ British Council. They are also giving a chance to appear a big amount of Mock test. Aren’t they not good for IELTS? For Example winwings, Liakats, Dominetors, Saifurs, Mentor, Rajibs e.t.c
    I want to explain , say like, in St. Johns there are 20-25 students in each batch on the other hand other coaching they are taking only 10-15 students in per batch.In that case a student will get much good care from other coaching.
    And I thinkthat every student wants to do the best & wants to take too much advantage with a little money.
    So when they get such kinds of chance why doesn’t they take the chance?
    I have seen that the BC & St.Johns teachers are much experienced then other coaching center. But the fact is all the coaching center are just giving the proper direction and taking some tests, some classes. But I have to do the main work I mean Study. Because if I don’t study properly then it’s not possible not for anyone to get a good score.
    So I think the coaching is not the fact mainly the fact is u have to study. The coaching is just like a rudder, it will just show you the right way, like how to read , how can anyone get a good score e.t.c.
    That’s why I am saying all the coaching are equal.
    A good score always depends on you.
    Am I right? Please reply.

    1. Not true at all. The percentage of getting better score from St. Johns and British Council is much higher than others. Do you know why? Because of experience and teaching method.

      Yes, better score doesn’t need a better coaching centre. You just need to be prepared well, no matter how and where your from.

  58. Dear Sir,
    I need IELTS over all 6.5 Band Score, and no less than 6. I have only 30 days. Otherwise I will lost my scholarship. Could you please give me some suggestions?

    1. One month is too short to get prepared for IELTS actually. The only one suggestion, practice and work hard yourself. And you can take help from any IELTS coaching center along.

  59. I am a service holder. I get free time only in Friday .I want to get score 6.5 to 7 in IELTS. So i need a long time to make me prepare for IELTS. It may be one year or more. Then which institute is perfect for me that will help me to take preparation in a long time ?Please give me some suggestions.

  60. Hi, This is Md. Bin Tutul. I am very much interested to take a higher education in civil engineering department from abroad. But i really confused about the country which will be better for me in case of engineering sector. Someone said that USA or someone says about Germany for post graduate degree. Please tell me which is the best option for engineering. Another thing is IELTS is the best or GRE is the best for engineering sector as well as USA or German university. Thank u admin, please make me reply.

    1. IELTS or GRE, It’s depends on the country and your university. You have to do in their requirement.

      umm, Germany and USA both are good in that case.

  61. Hi ,
    I am Shovon from Gazipur.I am a service holder. I want to make score 6.5 to 7 in IELTS .For this reason i want to prepare myself in a long time. It may be 1 year to 1.5 yr .Now can you please advice me which institute will help me to take preparation in a long time .Or what i have to do for making band score like 6.50to 7 .

    Please Reply………. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. ST. Johns is the ultimate solution for that. They have life time admission opportunity. You can learn there until you get your desire score.

  62. Hi admin bro,

    Is there any branches in st. jhons or IDP if there any please mention the address .For ctg which is the best accept British council.

  63. Dear Sir.
    I am not good in English, and i want to prepare for IELTS. So, I think i need some basic knowledge. does st. jhons provide any basic English course. I want prepare both course at a time and I am a service holder, so, i need only Friday course.

    1. It’s not a good idea to run two course at a time. You need to do basic english first. That will be good for you.

      Yes, St. Johns have others courses. Please contact them directly.

  64. I am very week in English, can I admitted in British council for IELTS course? Even plz give me information how much cost of course up to my label upgrade point 6 or 7

    1. IELTS course doesn’t teach English. It’s just a exam preparation course. So, If you are week, then do some basic course first.

  65. Hello Sir, would you please tell me a name of a coaching center which can help me take preparation for the SAT course. I need a name of the best coaching center name for SAT course. please send me a name at the following e mail address.


  66. Hi, admin.. I am Dr. Subir..My wife doctor too..We both interested for higher study in abroad. Now we are in Khulna, Bangladesh. We need to know, which training center will be more helpful & more reliable for our best IELTS preparation in Khulna? Please guide us..Thank you..

      1. My English is very poor. I need English basic because i want to go ielts . Which one best for English basic and ielts in uattra. please suggest me sir.

  67. hi..i am from comilla.would you please tell me a name of a coaching center which can help me take preparation for the IELTS.i am weak in english but not too much weak.but i will could too much hard work for getting up to 6.5.please suggest me

  68. I need full address of ST. JOHN’S for this course. Present cost of it. Books & other materials r including or I’ve to purchase it personally. Etc details. & one more thing, class schedules…………

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