Top Best IELTS Coaching Center/Institutes in Bangladesh

IELTS Test Center Address in Bangladesh

The question can be arise that who is the best for IELTS coaching? Well here you will find your answer.

Say me first, do you really wants to learn something? What’s your current English level based on Speaking,Writing and listening?You are willing to take part in IELTS exam, so that I can assume that you are not in primary level. right?

Well, now the point is what actually teach IELTS coaching centers? Well, No coaching center will tech you English. They just make prepare yourself to face the IELTS test exam. They tech you how to face the exam board, nothing much more!

British Council and Saint Johns are most experienced in that field. You know British Council is also take the IELTS exam also. But that is a different section and there have no relation between coaching and exam section.

So, don’t think otherwise. Go for British Council or ST. JOHNs. They will help you with an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam properly and also they will provide you with the training and skills necessary to get a good score in the IELTS test.


British Council Offered

IELTS courses orient you to the examination, arm you with useful tips and strategies, give you practice in IELTS-type reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks, and offer feedback about which areas of your language you need to work on.  Courses available at both Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level, and now we even have a new pre-IELTS course for those at a lower level who want to start preparing in advance.

The courses will start on Friday 8 August or Saturday 9 August and end on Friday 26 September or Saturday 27 September.

These courses are 32 hours:  we’ve lengthened the duration of the courses on customer request! They meet once a week for two back-to-back lessons; 2 hours of class, then a break of 30 minutes, and then another 2 hours of class, for a total of 16 lessons in 8 weeks.

The available times are morning 8.30 am to 1.00 pm or afternoon 2.30 to 7.00 pm (4.30 to 9.00 pm on Sat in Uttara TC only).

The course costs Taka 16500.

For more, Please visit-


ST. JOHN’S Offered

  • First two months : 3 classes per week, 26 classes in total, 2 hours per class
  • Then 100 hours (5½ weeks) of Intensive Crash Programmer. 13 full length mock tests with explanations
  • Briefing on Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking Modules
  • Extra care for weaker students
  • Excellent environment and location
  • Extra facilities for female students
  • Morning, afternoon and evening batches
  • Course materials are provided
  • Crash programmer will be offered to the students until their target score is achieved

Course Fee : 11,500Tk

For more, Please visit –

295 thoughts on “Top Best IELTS Coaching Center/Institutes in Bangladesh

  1. I need full address of ST. JOHN’S for this course. Present cost of it. Books & other materials r including or I’ve to purchase it personally. Etc details. & one more thing, class schedules…………

  2. hi..i am from comilla.would you please tell me a name of a coaching center which can help me take preparation for the IELTS.i am weak in english but not too much weak.but i will could too much hard work for getting up to 6.5.please suggest me

  3. Hi, admin.. I am Dr. Subir..My wife doctor too..We both interested for higher study in abroad. Now we are in Khulna, Bangladesh. We need to know, which training center will be more helpful & more reliable for our best IELTS preparation in Khulna? Please guide us..Thank you..

      1. My English is very poor. I need English basic because i want to go ielts . Which one best for English basic and ielts in uattra. please suggest me sir.

  4. Hello Sir, would you please tell me a name of a coaching center which can help me take preparation for the SAT course. I need a name of the best coaching center name for SAT course. please send me a name at the following e mail address.


  5. I am very week in English, can I admitted in British council for IELTS course? Even plz give me information how much cost of course up to my label upgrade point 6 or 7

    1. IELTS course doesn’t teach English. It’s just a exam preparation course. So, If you are week, then do some basic course first.

  6. Dear Sir.
    I am not good in English, and i want to prepare for IELTS. So, I think i need some basic knowledge. does st. jhons provide any basic English course. I want prepare both course at a time and I am a service holder, so, i need only Friday course.

    1. It’s not a good idea to run two course at a time. You need to do basic english first. That will be good for you.

      Yes, St. Johns have others courses. Please contact them directly.

  7. Hi admin bro,

    Is there any branches in st. jhons or IDP if there any please mention the address .For ctg which is the best accept British council.

  8. Hi ,
    I am Shovon from Gazipur.I am a service holder. I want to make score 6.5 to 7 in IELTS .For this reason i want to prepare myself in a long time. It may be 1 year to 1.5 yr .Now can you please advice me which institute will help me to take preparation in a long time .Or what i have to do for making band score like 6.50to 7 .

    Please Reply………. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. ST. Johns is the ultimate solution for that. They have life time admission opportunity. You can learn there until you get your desire score.

  9. Hi, This is Md. Bin Tutul. I am very much interested to take a higher education in civil engineering department from abroad. But i really confused about the country which will be better for me in case of engineering sector. Someone said that USA or someone says about Germany for post graduate degree. Please tell me which is the best option for engineering. Another thing is IELTS is the best or GRE is the best for engineering sector as well as USA or German university. Thank u admin, please make me reply.

    1. IELTS or GRE, It’s depends on the country and your university. You have to do in their requirement.

      umm, Germany and USA both are good in that case.

  10. I am a service holder. I get free time only in Friday .I want to get score 6.5 to 7 in IELTS. So i need a long time to make me prepare for IELTS. It may be one year or more. Then which institute is perfect for me that will help me to take preparation in a long time ?Please give me some suggestions.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I need IELTS over all 6.5 Band Score, and no less than 6. I have only 30 days. Otherwise I will lost my scholarship. Could you please give me some suggestions?

    1. One month is too short to get prepared for IELTS actually. The only one suggestion, practice and work hard yourself. And you can take help from any IELTS coaching center along.

  12. Hi,
    This is shaon from dhaka.
    There are so many institutions in dhaka city whom are offering a lots of advantages for the students. And also they are taking a small amount of money then St. Johns/ British Council. They are also giving a chance to appear a big amount of Mock test. Aren’t they not good for IELTS? For Example winwings, Liakats, Dominetors, Saifurs, Mentor, Rajibs e.t.c
    I want to explain , say like, in St. Johns there are 20-25 students in each batch on the other hand other coaching they are taking only 10-15 students in per batch.In that case a student will get much good care from other coaching.
    And I thinkthat every student wants to do the best & wants to take too much advantage with a little money.
    So when they get such kinds of chance why doesn’t they take the chance?
    I have seen that the BC & St.Johns teachers are much experienced then other coaching center. But the fact is all the coaching center are just giving the proper direction and taking some tests, some classes. But I have to do the main work I mean Study. Because if I don’t study properly then it’s not possible not for anyone to get a good score.
    So I think the coaching is not the fact mainly the fact is u have to study. The coaching is just like a rudder, it will just show you the right way, like how to read , how can anyone get a good score e.t.c.
    That’s why I am saying all the coaching are equal.
    A good score always depends on you.
    Am I right? Please reply.

    1. Not true at all. The percentage of getting better score from St. Johns and British Council is much higher than others. Do you know why? Because of experience and teaching method.

      Yes, better score doesn’t need a better coaching centre. You just need to be prepared well, no matter how and where your from.

  13. Dear Sir:

    U told, St. Jones is best coaching center bt not the best way to get bettr score for IELTS. I m searching the second option . Do u know that type of organization who teaches the technique to get bttr score @ IELTS ??

  14. Dear Sir,
    One of my colleagues got himself admitted into British Council and after completion of his course he shared him experience with me that in his batch everybody was fluent and their grammar was good and the only reason to go there was to say that they are trained from British council. And from St. Jones tutorial, few people said it is good for IELTS practice not for preparation. Therefore, there is a little gap. Someone with weaker background should not go to St. Jones either. I think wherever the learners go, there should be given few free classes so that they understand the teacher as the teacher is a key factor not the institute. Sorry to say that I myself is also teacher, a lot of students who got admitted into St. Jones later came to me through reference. I am extremely sorry if I hurt you. Many thanks.

    1. That topic is about best coaching centre not the best way to get better score in IELTS. So, we suggested best 2 coaching centre for IELTS.

      If you can read most of the comment here, you’ll see that sometimes I suggested some people to prepare him by self. We never suggest anyone to go a coaching centre first.

      We glad to hear that you are a teacher, and surely we appreciate your comment Sir 🙂

  15. Hello 🙂
    I am weak in English….plz suggest the name of some general english course before IELTS which are available in british counsil and st.johns…and plz also mention the cost of the courses…!!

  16. Hi, I have listening and speaking problem with foreign delegate. What course will help me to overcome this problem. Have any coaching center at Uttara, Dhaka. Please advice me asap.

    1. Listen a lot, watch movie without subtitle to recover your listening. And make a partner to talk, that would be more helpful than a coaching centre.

      Or do a IELTS course at British Council or St. Johns

  17. I want to IELTS group study partner who are living near dhanmondi or science lab. pls inform me here is my cell no.01689210253. if we coninue our study perfectly that proviode me awesome help.

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