Teletalk – Prothomalo GPA-5 Celebration for SSC 2013

GPA 5 in SSC

The Daily Prothon-alo and Taletalk are going to arrange GPA-5 Celebration for SSC 2013. Those who got GPA-5 in SSC are requested to fill registration form.

Celebration will start from 20th august,2013 which will be held periodically throughout the country.


Required Information for registration

  • Roll Number [SSC]
  • Registration Number [SSC]
  • Board [SSC]
  • Passing Year [SSC]
  • Date of Birth
  • GPA-5 Reception No[Through SMS]


Prothom-alo and teletalk SSC GPA 5 Celebration


Download this Form or Fill your form online here-

5 thoughts on “Teletalk – Prothomalo GPA-5 Celebration for SSC 2013

  1. ami online a sim er joono regestration and grand o hoyse but i can not print that form. ekon ki ami form pabo

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