Re-Scrutiny process for HSC Examination result 2013

HSC Result 2015

Re-Scrutiny process for HSC Examination result 2013 will be start from august 4, 2013


**Applications for HSC Re-Scrutiny can be submitted only from Taletalk Prepaid Mobile Phone.

To apply, go to your phone’s message options and type “RSC<space>first three word of board name<space>Roll No<Space>Subject Code” and send to 16222


E.g. RSC<>space>DHA<space>12345<space>123 and send to 16222

RSC<>space>Mad<space>12345<space>123 and send to 16222

RSC<>space>Tec<space>12345<space>123 and send to 16222

For every subject and Every Paper tk 150 will be charged from your Mobile Phone.


In reply, how much application money will be charged and a PIN number will be given you through SMS for confirmation. If you agree to give tk 150, go to message option and type “RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>Contact number” and send to 16222

  E.g.  RSC<space>YES<space>123456<space>01710000000” and send to 16222

Those subject has two papers (e.g. Bangla and English) application will be under the one subject code. For Bangla 101 and English 107 the application fee will be charged tk300

NB. You can apply for more than one subject in a SMS, subject codes will be divided by comma(,)

115 thoughts on “Re-Scrutiny process for HSC Examination result 2013

  1. If Those subject has two papers (physics,biology) application will be under the one subject code ? please janaben……….

    1. Yes. read it carefully and follow the steps.

      Those subject has two papers (e.g. Bangla and English) application will be under the one subject code. For Bangla 101 and English 107 the application fee will be charged tk300

  2. Vai jodi dui subject e challange korte chai tahole 300 taka lagbe naki 600 taka????? Pls janaben..biology r english er jonno application korle kivabee korte hobe pls bolen.

    1. Charge will be tk 300 for those subject has two papers. Follow the above instructions carefully, everything I mentioned here.

  3. Chemistry 1st & 2nd part er jonno ki amar 300 taka kore alada alada 600 taka lagbe naki?
    Challange korar somoy Chemistry 1st & 2nd part er code 176 & 177 2itai comma diye type korte hobe naki?
    Janale kusi hobo.

  4. hsc te to sokol subject er 2ta kore paper ace. Ami bangla te A grade ebong chemistry te F paichi. Uvoy subject er reexamine korte chai. Koto taka lagbe. Code soho niyom ta likhe din

    1. “RSCfirst three word of board nameRoll NoSubject Code” and send to 16222. In “Subject code area, use your desire codes.Like- “111,222,333,444”. And you will be charged tk 150/= each and 600/= for four.

  5. I want to know that how much money will be charge for physics and math? those subject consist tow papers. Kindly reply me…….

    1. For each paper you will be charged tk 150/= And You have pay tk 600/= for two subjects with two paper. Just write down your subject code like this- “111,222,333,444″- separated by comma(,)

  6. vai sub code to dui pepar mile computar,accounting.ami jodi ai dui sub re-scruty kori tahole sub code result a ja ase ta dile ki hobe.plz tel me son

  7. ami jodi che 1st and 2nd paper e rescrutiny korte chai tahole ki sudhu 1st paper er code likhe pathaley hobe nake both paper code likhe pathate hobe.pls janan

  8. Shodumatro Chemistry rescrutiny korte chemistry 1st & 2nd paper er code 176 & 177
    2ta comma diye likte hobe?
    Janaben pls?

    LIKE 178,179

  10. ami english,physics and chemistry recheck korate chai…plzz code gula ki dite hobe bolben??only 1st paper code dite hobe na both paper??(like english er jonno 107,108)

    1. Maybe system error! Mobile balence check kore dekhen charge katce kina. Jodi na kate tahole kichukkhon pore abar try koren

  11. vi proti sub ar part to 2ta…..1st and 2nd part….so khata challene krte hole ki 1st part and 2nd part both cord num deya lagbe naki jst 1st part ar cord dile hbe..plz reply

  12. 1ta sms-a 2ta subject-a apply kora ar 1ta sms-a onno 1ta subject-a re-check ar jonno apply korla kono problem hoba ki? taratari janan…………….

  13. I applied for the process and they gave me a tracking number. What do i do with it?
    When will i get the result it is 17th August already?
    Please let me kno

    1. amr msg send hiose 07/08/2013 te tracking ip pise kintu kobe result asbo ta boleni..,,pls admin janaben ke result kobe pabo?????

  14. vai ami sub code 1 ti diya kora chi kinto ta success hoi ya che kin to comment pore deklam sub code 2 ta lagbe amar re exam ki hoi ni

  15. new grade jdi pai tahle ki certificate nd marksheet e oi grade thkbe? Ami ki varsity form fill up kre falbo naki wait krbo pore jdi grade change hy ki hbe!

  16. Wait pls.when ur rescrutiny result will publish, then u can apply for admission.
    And then u can form fill up.

  17. Any one say me which day published JSC Re-Security result 2013 ? If result be published they can inform me by contact number ?

    1. Nothing, Just keep it to you if further needed. You will get your result on your mobile phone by SMS when the result will be ready.

  18. Banglay mcq te jdi fail kore to tahole ki shb subject e fail krbe?? Shekhetre 4th subject ki kono kaje ashbe na??

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