Online Birth Registration in Bangladesh

birth registration in Bangladesh
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People’s republic of Bangladesh has launched online birth registration system. No need to go your Union Councilor to register for your birth certificate. This is a good initiative of the Government of Bangladesh.

Here you go. . .

Online Birth Registration of Bangladesh

Go to>>

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Also you can download a PDF birth registration form and submit it to your union/word councilor office.

Download Birth Registration Form as PDF


Download Birth Registration Form as Doc

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Since long trying to fill up my birth registration through online but it is so difficult. Software does not allow to go next page. Displaying a message that – ” Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s name are not correct, why ? Pls help me.

    Secondly how can fill up the form in Bangoli through online, kindly advise.

    Best Regards-

    1. Author

      Maybe it doesn’t support Bangla. I recommend you for English. You know, Birth certificate is needed everywhere. It’s fro all over the countries not only for Bangladesh.

    2. please tell us how to registration birth registration in the online?

      1. Author

        Online birth registration isn’t available right now. Please contact at your word councillor office.

  2. dear bro.
    amr choto vhaier nibondhon gram e union e kora hoyece ebong nibondhon er bangla fhotocoppy o ace. bt ebar JSC exam er jonno English coppy chacce. ekhon ami ki online notun kore apply korbo naki NIBONDHON No diye download korte parbo. Ami try koreci bt hocce na. ekhon ki kora jai suggest me please.

    1. Author

      You can apply for new one or an english version copy. Better you contact with your union council and asked them about English copy. Otherwise, apply online for new one.

  3. DEAR SIR;

    1. Author

      That’s a big problem. Please ask someone your friend to do this for you.

  4. Dear sir,
    I have my birth certificate but it don’t showing online what i will do now suggest me piease

  5. I have need a birth certificate form.

    1. Author

      not available at online right now. If emergency, please contact your word commissionar office.

  6. amr birth certificate registration 2 bar vul a hye gse…ami ki akhon akta cancel korte parbo?please answer me.its very important.

    1. Author

      Not necessary but If you want, then contact the word commissioner office for which you want to cancel.

  7. I submitted online, but at the last stage in “Preserve” it hang . I waited but it’s not working. Then i started again but in last stage it shows “application already submitted” what to do. Please reply.

    1. Author

      It’s not available for now. Please contact directly to you word councillor office

    2. same problem for me. What can i do?

      1. Author

        Online registration is currently unavailable.

  8. Amar jonmo nibondhon certificate and Amar academic school certificate er birth date er sathe mil nay Ami kivabe eta correct korbo please ans me ?

    1. Author

      Go to your word councillor office and tell them to change your birth certificate date.

  9. dear sir i lost my birth certificate
    now i want a copy of birth cetificate how i can get it from online

    1. Author

      It’s now unavailable in online. Please contact with your word councillor office to get a new one.

  10. dear sir
    how i can birth certificate online registration

    1. Author

      Online process isn’t available now. Please contact with your councillor office.

  11. Ami birt certificate online e korece ekon bangla& eng digital copy download korthe ID & password lage .plz amake bolben ki union porishod er id & pssword use kore ki vabe login korthe pare.Id & password ki vabe hack kora jai?plz amar email e janan

    1. Author

      Sorry, no idea right now.


    1. Author

      It’s not available right now. Please contract your word councillor office.

  13. I went to Nagar Bhaban last month for birth certificate for my sister and her son.They took extra 200/= for publishing online but cant see it online now.pls tell me the proper web to look for.

    1. Author

      Their website is currently down. Not sure why they took money from you!

  14. my birth certificate adders data wrong so can i Chang it

    1. Author

      Yeap, Contact with your word commissioner office or union porishodh. Online service is now off

  15. Dear sir,
    I have my birth certificate but it is wrong Date of birth,Father`s Name Mother`s Name my school certificate so I submitted online, but at the last stage in “Preserve” it hang . I waited but it’s not working. Then i started again but in last stage it shows “application already submitted” what to do. Please reply……

    1. Author

      Please contact with you word councillor office. That may works faster

  16. Sir
    How I can fill and find online apply (birth registration) form

    1. Author

      It’s not available right now. Please contact with you word councillor office.

  17. Dear sir,I went to word council office at mirpur for birth registration.they gave me a form and toldtofil lit up and submit it with 500/=.Is there any kinds of rules to pay money? pls inform me.

    1. Author

      No rules but they take perhaps.

  18. Amr jonmo nibondhon card er sathe amr school er card mill nai…tai Ami thik korte dicilm BT jonmo nibondhoner registration number vule geci…Ami votar Id card akhno pai nai…kinto Ami votar I’d card amr school er certificate diye korci…kinto akta nmbr dicilo votar I’d card korar time a setao hariye velci …akhn kivabe Ami amr jonmo nibondhon card pabo..pllzzz ans me

  19. Amer baber name e md mention kora hoy nai kibhabe correction korbo urgent dorker baire apply korar jonno

    1. Author

      Online birth registration is not being maintained by the govt anymore. Please contact your word councilor office.

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