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Best Privet University for Pharmacy

We writing about best/highly choice privet university based on variety of subjects upon students request. In that series, We’ve wrote two earlier:

Today we’ll give you a short list of best privet university for Pharmacy or B. Pharm education in Bangladesh. You should know first that there have no official ranking to choice best one, but we select it based on students choice, lab facilities and varsity environment.

Where to study in Pharmacy or B. Pharm?

Choice one of them listed below


If you want to be a good pharmacist, make prepare your yourself with a good university.


  1. vaia southeast pharmesy er jonno kemon hobe

  2. vaia ewu ea xm dicilam hoi
    nai onek hard 5 ta university suggested koren

  3. subject pharmesy

  4. budget 6-7 lak

  5. Vaiya architecture er jonne kon university gula vlo??? Plz,bolen

  6. taifur rahman toaha

    Vaia brac er pharmacy ki complete pharmacy?I have heard that it’s not cmplete course.

  7. Pharmacy or Eee … !!!!
    Future life a konta valo hoba …. ????

  8. ewu or brac or nsu which is best for pharmacy

  9. State university kmn hbe??

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